Page 9 - SAMENA Trends - January-February 2023
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                                               "As Bocar BA rightly said at the first annual meeting of the
                                               ITU's Partner2Connect Digital Coalition, held in Geneva:
                                               "Digital transformation is a must-have. It's a necessity."
                                               The Partner2Connect Digital Coalition is action-oriented
                                               - no more words but actual commitments. We've received
                                               close to 600 pledges and they're valued at nearly US$30
                                               billion, and they come from the private and public sector
                                               entities like yourselves. My message to you is simple:

                                               Together we can turn the new challenges facing  our
           H.E. Ms. Doreen Bogdan              industry into new opportunities for our people and  our
           Martin                              planet...and can unlock the opportunities of digital
           Secretary General
           ITU                                 transformation for the benefit of all."

        development  throughout  the  world,  ITU,  with  H.E.  Ms.  Doreen   Eng.  Alhamedi  Alanezi,  CEO  of  Arabsat  and  board  member
        Bogdan-Martin having taken office as the first woman Secretary-  of  SAMENA  Council,  stated  that  “The  future  of  sustainable
        General in over a century, and who also delivered a strong message   innovation and development in the ICT field has to be anchored
        during RISE as the first main conference of the year 2023, has been   on complementarity between the terrestrial and satellite industries
        promoting the need for collaborations and partnerships, and the   with the objective of not only empowering urban communities but
        necessity to address challenges and opportunities offered by ICTs   to also not leave anyone behind.  Alhamedi added that a robust
        in the areas of innovation, governance, education, job creation and   digital  economy  is  not  resilient  and  sustainable  enough  without
        economic growth.                                       bridging the digital divide.”

        Eng.  Olayan  AlWetaid,  Group  CEO  of  stc  and  Chairman  of  the   Eng.  Salman  Al  Badran,  CEO  of  Mobily  and  board  member  of
        Board of Directors of SAMENA Council, who delivered a welcome   SAMENA Council, who was among the key partners to make RISE
        message  during  RISE,  had  earlier  stated  that  “As  the  Kingdom's   possible, had stated that “We support SAMENA Council's initiative
        maturity  shifts  into  a  world-class  digital  nation  driven  by  Vision   to address ICT sustainability challenges and various other issues.”
        2030,  among  the  many  initiatives  now  taking  place  within  the   Mr. Colin Wang, Managing Director of China Mobile International
        Kingdom,  the  RISE  Conference  is  structured  to  address  the   Middle East & Africa remarked that "Sustainability and collaboration
        emerging  needs and  challenges  of the  digitally  transforming   are the keys to a better digital future… We at CMI are committed to
        businesses, economic sectors, telecom industries and the society   shaping a better and greener digital future by driving technological
        at large becoming a platform toward sustainability in investment   innovation  and  adoption  through  cooperation  with  carriers,
        and improved collaborations.”                          enterprises and industry peers worldwide."

                                                                                              9   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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