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             “If we are not inclusive, and if we are not truly
             multi stakeholder in our approach, governments
             alone will not be able to deliver the goods. We
             need the full participation of the private sector

             and Civil Society, Academia and Technology
             Community to make this happen. We have
             an ambitious goal. We want to achieve near
             Universal connectivity by 2030. This would
             require full involvement of the private sector                                       Amandeep Gill
             in terms of innovative financing arrangements,               Under-Secretary General & Special Envoy
             innovative mix of technologies, and in working                        on Technology - United Nations

             with those who can enhance the demand side
             of the equation.”

                                                                     the public sector and as a robust and cutting-edge digital
                                                                     architecture has been created in Saudi Arabia in alignment
                                                                     with the national Vision 2030, the RISE Conference aimed to
                                                                     extend knowledge support on multiple areas.

                                                                     The  Saudi  Communication,  Space  &  Technology
                                                                     Commission  (CSTC,  formerly  CITC),  led  by  H.E.  Governor
                                                                     Dr. Mohammed Altamimi, who delivered a keynote during
                                                                     the opening of RISE, also has been a decisive force that has
                                                                     empowered the Saudi ICT ecosystem to progress and grow
                                                                     in  the  desired  national  policy  direction.  The  Commission
                                                                     continues to emphasize on the need for regional regulatory
                                                                     authorities to enhance strategic cooperation in developing
                                                                     the digital economy and is pursuing a long-term vision of
                                                                     digital transformation and sustainability at its heart.

                                                                     The  United  Nations’  specialized  agency  focused on  ICT

                                                                                              8   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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