Page 14 - SAMENA Trends - January-February 2023
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            digital transformation           •   Consolidation  of infrastructure  is   group and determine what each needs
          •   For sustainable  ICT development  and   increasingly  discussed  and  applied   and where to build the partnership
            digital transformation, regulation needs   across all spheres of networks, such as   •   In  the  emerging  world  of  metaverse,
            to support optimal use of infrastructure   BS consolidation, cell site consolidation,   interoperability  and standards  are key
            and must match investment capacity  data center consolidation, etc.    to connecting  different  metaverse
          •   Regulators  must  become  enablers  of   •   With  AI  application  on  the  rise,  it   worlds.
            the Digital Economy                is  important  to  regulate  it,  as  AI  is   •   To  meet  universal  connectivity  goals,
          •   Changes  need  to  be  bold,  including   being  used  on data  and  users  need   regulators  need  to  step  in  here  and
            incentive  packages  to  operators  to   to understand  this  before open data-  provide  incentives  for partnerships
            further digital development and provide   sharing  between platforms runs wild.   between  Satellite  and  Telecom
            certainty and stability as a precondition   While  we have an understanding  on   operators.  Space-based  cellular
            for investment                     how  to  leverage  AI,  its  unintended   connectivity may materialize in the near
          •   Consumers,   Technology,   Service   consequences can pose major risks.  future.
            providers, tech providers – these pillars   •   Financial  sector is  a  major enabler   •   The diversity and complexity of choices
            need  to be  aligned  to ensure  that  the   of   sustainable   ICT   development,   that each regulator faces in the Middle
            right  foundation  and  incentives  to   especially  in  the  57  least  developing   East, was apparent in the perspectives
            invest are in place                countries,  considering  huge  untapped   shared  by  the  various  panelists,  even
          •   Countries’  aspirations  to  be  first  and   potentially continues to be hindered due   given  the  relative  level  of maturity we
            best at everything have to be grounded   to digital service affordability issues.  are fortunate to be enjoying. What also
            in  what  is  available  and  possible  in   •   Regarding  resources  required  for   surfaced was the  need  for  a shared
            terms of capacity and included in future   countries,  need  at  least  2  GHz  per   consensus and the leading role which
            planning                           country  for  5G  and  this  needs  to  be   governments,   acting   through   the
          •   Much  pressure  is  created  on  harmonized                          regulators,  have  as  a  responsibility  in
            infrastructure  providers  from hypes   •   For   partnerships,   including   on   shaping that consensus
            around different  technologies  and   sustainability  initiatives,  we  need  to
            applications such as AI            assess  each different  stakeholder

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