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        to  priorities,  challenges,  and  opportunities  being  addressed  by
        regional policymakers and regulatory authorities, and the private
        sector. RISE was also set as an important industry milestone for
        starting  the  year  2023,  the  precede  and  complement  the  Saudi
        LEAP conference in KSA, the SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit
        2023 in UAE, the ITU GSR-23 in Egypt and WRC-23 in UAE later in
        the year.
        The RISE conference began with exploring what the future looks
        like for all stakeholders, including Operators, in a meshed world
        where economic, social and business activities require advanced,
        resilient and secure telecom networks. Keynotes and discussion

           From Saudi presidency

           of G20, to setting a new
           trend in the availability
           of spectrum, to setting
           up new international
           platforms such as the Global Cybersecurity
           Forum (GCF), and to being a host of iterative
           successes in digital development, Saudi

           Arabia’s  progress  in  fulfilling  its  national
           ICT objectives (“Vision 2030”) has been

        sessions examined various aspects of a sustainable digital future,
        and  the  types  of  policies,  strategies  and  measures  required  to
        ensure, for example, that ICTs are transformed to become greener,
        enabling a truly sustainable digital future.

        RISE brought together leading Private-Sector leaders from across
        the industries, including from the financial services and terrestrial
        connectivity providers as well as space ecosystem key players, to
        further the dialogue on sustainable ICT development.
        At  a  time  when  Saudi  Arabia’s  MCIT,  under  the  leadership  of
        H.E.  Eng.  Abdullah  AlSwaha,  Minister  of  Communication  and
        Information Technology, is leading key digitalization efforts across

                                                                                              7   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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