Page 11 - SAMENA Trends - January-February 2023
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        The  RISE  Conference  focused  on  fostering  understanding  of
        the  complex  notion  of  "ICT  sustainability",  and  on  rising  to  new
        challenges  and  making  progress  as  new  digital  applications,
        services, platforms, and business and operating models surface,
        including for terrestrial and satellite service providers.

        RISE is a new flagship leaders-centric industry meeting by SAMENA
        Council  to assist  in  proactively  institutionalizing  sustainability
        in ICT investment, development, and to help larger sustainability
        goals with respect to the climate. RISE is also designed to foster
        industry  discourse  among  the  SA-ME-NA  region’s  policymakers,
        regulators, and private sector across different industries.

                                                                                             11   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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