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                               Findings & Key Messages from the RISE 2023 Conference

          •   RISE helped create new understanding   mayor of New York City, a top-ranking   •   Sustainable  digitalization  can  help  on
            of the  need  to pursue sustainability   technology  city  in  the  world,  brought   the road to net-zero. As a precondition,
            in  ICT  development,  include  the  need   forth  new  ideas  on  how  the  5G  era  is   universal connectivity is key.
            for sustainable  investment  in  ICT   enabling  development  of  smart  cities,   •   While  participants  acknowledged
            infrastructure   development,   while   helping  to catalyze new innovative   that  there is  a big adoption gap and
            fostering  greater  collaboration  on   municipal  processes  in  sustainable   much  needs  to  be  done  in  this  area,
            sustainable  development  as  a  global   city  operations  and  municipal  service   connectivity  infrastructure  is  still  key
            goal.                              delivery. For transforming existing   and  a  level-playing  field  needs  to  be
          •   Perspectives  from  the  United  Nations   cities  towards  sustainability,  digital   created  and  preserved,  to  support
            and the ITU’s new leadership reinforced   transformation of public infrastructure   network operators to enable  them to
            the need for countries at higher levels   is  a prerequisite.  This  starts  at the   cater to increased  future  demands on
            of digital  to take the  leadership  role   municipal  level  as  a  key  driver  based   networks  (e.g.,  through  development
            in  helping  other  countries  adopt  the   on  collaboration  between  network   of the  metaverse  and  its  many
            right  policies,  the  right  regulations   operators,  governments,  and  other   applications and implications for data)
            and  the  right  ways  of incentivizing   sectors.                   •   Collaboration  between  satellite  and
            public-private sector cooperation while   •   Key  message  delivered  by  many   terrestrial network operators is essential
            maintaining  momentum  in  achieving   speakers  during  RISE  focused  on   going forward to foster synergies
            universal  connectivity  and  sustainable   the  need  for ICT sustainability  to   stemming  from complementarity  in
            digital transformation as a part of the   move  to center  stage  to create  the   capabilities
            ITU’s new strategy.                right  fundament  for a  resilient  and   •   The  ICT industry needs  to accelerate
          •   New inter-governmental organizations,   sustainable digital future.   adoption  of steps  to adopt ICT
            such   as    Digital  Cooperation  •   Key  levers  to  achieve  sustainable   sustainability as a key pillar of our work
            Organization, utilized the RISE platform   ICTs  were  highlighted  to include   and a priority going forward.
            to reiterate digital cooperation-building   collaboration  and partnership  along   •   Sustainable  investments  in  ICT
            endeavors in the region.           ICT  supply  and  value  chains,  financial   infrastructure,   sustainable   ICT
          •   Perspectives shared by the office of the   incentives and enabling regulation.   development with greener technologies

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