Page 6 - SAMENA Trends - January-February 2023
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                                       SAMENA COUNCIL ACTIVITY

        Rising for Industry Sustainability & Efficiencies

        Recent policy and regulatory developments in Saudi Arabia and the
        GCC region – particularly with respect to digital transformation, the
        need to enable cross-border data flows, adopting technology and
        regulatory sandboxes, making beneficial use of 5G investments,
        5.5G/5G-Advance  development,  emergence  of  Open  RAN,
        rising  discussion  on  6  GHz  in  view  of  WRC-23,  cybersecurity
        imperatives led by the likes of GCF, a metaverse-driven world of
        new opportunities, the role of new verticals and economic sectors,
        and the critical requirement of ICT ecosystem sustainability – are
        serving as catalysts to rethink investment, sustainable operations,
        sustainably  developing  future  information-communication
        technologies  that  are  greener,  end-user  digital  experience,  and
        enterprise service delivery. While accelerating progress on globally-
        agreed digital development expectations, rising synergies among
        ICT Industry and other Industries are giving way to new planning,
        collaboration, and cooperation-building efforts.

        To  address  the  Industry’s  and  its  adjacent  sectors’  complex,
        multifaceted  needs,  in  strategic  collaboration  with  stc  Group,
        Mobily,  China  Mobile  International,  the  Communication,  Space
        & Technology Commission (CSTC) of Saudi Arabia, and the 193
        Member States and private-sector driven UN premier ICT agency,
        the  International  Telecommunication  Union  (ITU),  SAMENA
        Telecommunications  Council  held  its  “Rising  for  Industry
        Sustainability & Efficiencies (RISE)” Conference on 11th January
        2023 at Fairmont Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

        RISE, inspired by accelerated digital transformation in Saudi Arabia,
        which has secured G5 regulatory classification with its progressive
        policy-making and regulatory approaches, also brought under focus
        new  needs of  the businesses, economic  sectors  and industries,
        particularly ICT and Financial Services, and the society, at large.

        RISE was focused on the need for ICT ecosystem sustainability, to
        assist proactive engagement and industry discourse with respect

                                                                                              6   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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