Page 13 - SAMENA Trends - January-February 2023
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            at the forefront, and an environmental   energy  efficient,  e-waste  needs  to  be   •   Satellite can help here to move towards
            protection mindset will allow for forge   reduced, and ICTs need to be greener.  more sustainable infrastructure
            new partnerships with new players.  •   Digital  services from  an  investment   •   Need  to  drive  complementarity  and
          •   Universal  connectivity  is  still  not   sustainability  perspective  are  not   interoperability  is  key to ensure  that
            achieved and key barriers are still  in   “sustainable”,  there  is  no  perpetual   complementarity in  networks  can be
            place, with lack of affordability still the   “status  quo”  because  of  changes  in   achieved
            frontrunner. Big disparities  persist  in   infrastructure.          •   Regulation  is  not  fast  enough  –  need
            Internet use and connectivity: 3.6 billion   •   Society  is  a  key  factor for pick  up  -   to be  much more  agile  –  Saudi  is
            people  that  do  not  use  the  Internet,   Digitization should not only be used for   doing great with including Space in the
            coverage  gap  is  the  smallest  gap   “consumption”, but also for “creation”  Regulatory Authority
            whereas  the  usage  gap  is  the  largest   •   Public  Sector  needs  to  be  an  “early”   •   Synergies  among  infrastructure
            gap.                               adopter – standards, platforms, setting   builders,  digital  service  providers,  and
          •   Data centers  need  to become more   up rules – digital government   governments  are  key  in  sustainable

                                                                                             13   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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