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        A Resilient, Sustainable Digital Future

        Sustainable  ICT development  in the  future   impact on the sustainability of the planet’s
        requires access to new financial resources,   health and the environment we live in. Already,
        innovative funding approaches, new financial   having  approached  the  end  of  the  first
        instruments for creating investor confidence,   quarter of the year 2023, we have numerous
        and  an  overhaul  in  the  way  cooperation   imperatives to work on, new approaches to
        across  industries  is  built  and  sustained.   devise, and difficult challenges to overcome.
        Incentives,  complemented  by  only  resilient   For all  collaborations  and  intra and  inter-
        and evidence-based regulation, would play a   industry initiatives  to yield  good outcomes
        critical role in this regard. Moreover, the role   for  socio-economic  transformation and
        of leading financing institutions, such as the   service  delivery,  adequate  underlying  ICT
        Islamic Development Bank, can help timely   infrastructure  is  crucial,  well-supported
        boost ICT development, digital enablement,   by  Telecom  Operators  and  financially
        and  fulfilling  the  global  goal  of  achieving   sustainable to absorb and maintain all future
        universal access.                     energy efficiency and sustainability needs.
                                                                                      Bocar A. BA
        The  Telecom/ICT  Industry  is  creating  new   It  is important  to recognize  how digital   Chief Executive Officer
        opportunities,  digitally  enabling  business   solutions and ICT infrastructure can help our   & Board Member
        and  societal  functions,  and  is  enabling   region  in  achieving  digital-economy goals   SAMENA Telecommunications
        new  experiences.  Interestingly,  as  Digital   as  well  as  in  realizing  green,  low-carbon   Council
        Economy  expands  forward and crosses   and  high-productivity based  economic
        paths  with  the  likes  of Space Economy   transformation,  which  should  be  human-
        –  defined  by  OECD  to  encompass  a  wide   centric, digitally-powered, and be mindful of
        range of activities and resources for creating   the  needs  of the next  generations  and the
        value and benefits for humans with respect   environment.
        to  exploration,  research,  management,
        sustainable utilization of space resources –   Advancing  a  truly,  inclusive,  sustainable
        the role of the ICT Industry gets ever more   digital economy is a necessity and requires
        engraved  in  how the  society  and  business   accelerated digitalization. It does also require
        work in the current times. It has also become   innovation,  partnerships,  participation  of  a
        an integral determinant of success for new   diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from
        modes  of  educational  delivery,  financing   Academia to a complex chain of investors,
        services and digital financial inclusion, and   services  providers,  regulators,  and  vision-
        improved city-management processes – as   setters.
        highlighted  by  the  New  York City  Mayor’s
        Office  in  the  SAMENA  Council’s  RISE   Ultimately,  all  aspirations  to  digitally  and
        conference earlier this year.         sustainability  transform should  also  be
                                              directed  to  meeting  sustainability  goals,
        Any  meaningful,  inter  or  intra-industry   relating to how digital communications are
        collaborations  to  work,  requires  creating  a   carried out and protected; how investments
        sustainable ICT environment as the enabler   are  made; and  how adverse  impact  of
        of sustainable digital transformation and ICT   digitalization  is  successfully  mitigated
        development, which is both a challenge as   across   environmental,   social,   and
        well as an opportunity area and has direct   governance planes.

                                                                                              4   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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