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                                                “I am honored to join you to discuss the importance of
                                                digitalization in the context of municipal services. Not all
                                                local governments have the resources or infrastructure
                                                to fully embrace digitalization. This issue can lead to a

                                                widened digital divide and fractured access to resources
                                                and services by constituents. However, digitalization is
                                                not a one-size-fits-all solution. Local governments must
                                                carefully consider the needs of their communities. New
                                                York City is a smart city. We have embraced digitalization
                                                because it is the best way to increase equity, public safety,
                                                quality of life, and positive economic outcomes across
          Mr. Edward Mermelstein
          Commissioner                          the  five  boroughs.  Mayor,  Eric  Adams  is  committed  to
          New York City                         using technology and data to lead New York City through

        Mr.  Bocar  BA,  CEO  and  also  member  of   need  to work  together  to overcome  the   economic transformation around the world.
        SAMENA  Council’s  board,  expressed  that   challenge of building next-generation digital   This places the role of ICTs and those who
        “The RISE Conference aimed to add a new   infrastructure, which should ensure digital   build & operate ICT infrastructure and bring
        dimension  to how key  stakeholders  from   inclusion and sustainability in investments   technological innovations to us in the form
        within the ICT Industry, including terrestrial   and  in  ICT  development.  Moreover,   of  new  services  and  applications,  at  the
        and  satellite  segments  and  beyond,  and   There  now exists  urgency to focus on   forefront  of  revival,  digital  transformation,
        now also from leading financial institutions,   sustainability  as  a  key principle  of socio-  and future development.

                               SAMENA RISE in Riyadh 2023 Participants

                                                                                             10   JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2023
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