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JAN-FEB, VOLUME 14, 2023

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                                                 04  EDITORIAL                          SAMENA COUNCIL ACTIVITY
                                                 19  REGIONAL & MEMBERS UPDATES
                                                         Members News

                                                         Regional News

                                                 83  SATELLITE UPDATES
                                                         Satellite News                     Rising for Industry
                                                                                            Sustainability &
                                                 95  WHOLESALE UPDATES                      Efficiencies
                                                         Wholesale News                 15

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       encourage, verify or agree with the content,   65                                    Innovation and
       comments, opinions or  statements made  in
       the SAMENA TRENDS by any entity or entities   Syniverse Environmental, Social and    Entrepreneurship Alliance
       or persons. Information, products, or services   Governance Program - It's Not Just What   for Digital Development
       promoted in the TRENDS by other than the   We Do — It's Also How We Do It.
       SAMENA Council belong to their  respective                                       17  stc spots the light on
       entity or entities and are  not representative   79                                  A2G (Air to Ground) IFC
       of the SAMENA Council. The SAMENA Council   Metaverse and Applicability in the Telecom   (In-Flight Connectivity) in
       hereby  expressly disclaims  any and all   Industry                                  collaboration with SkyFive
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       but not limited to any warranties of accuracy,                                       Arabia
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       in this eMagazine. The user agrees that The                                          intelligent networks and
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