Leaders' Summit

The SAMENA Telecommunications Council Leaders' Summit is SAMENA Council’s premier annual congregation of for Public and Private sector Leaders from South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond. The Leaders' Summit takes place in Dubai and is attended by top-level executives of leading communications service providers, heads of regulatory authorities, policy-makers, change-drivers, and professionals that are driving digital development regionally and globally. As the digital ecosystem becomes more complex, it necessitates the involvement of stakeholders from across industries and economic sectors to address new challenges and opportunities. The Leaders’ Summit is designed to exchange business, commercial, policy, and regulatory perspectives on rising complexities of the digital space in an open, multi-stakeholder setting and a world-class business ambience. Its key objective is to demonstrate collaborative thought-leadership and identify practicable strategies that can contribute to the achievement of nation-level socio-economic development objectives and globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Leaders' Summit 2021

8th April, 2021
Dubai, UAE
Leaders Summit 2021

Leaders' Summit 2020

9th July 2020
Dubai, UAE

Leaders' Summit 2019

18th April, 2019
Dubai, UAE

Telecom Leaders' Summit

3rd May, 2018
Atlantis, The Palm
Dubai, UAE

Telecom Leaders' Summit

30th April, 2017
Atlantis, The Palm
Dubai, UAE

Leaders Summit 2016

19th May, 2016
Dubai, UAE

Leaders Summit 2015

2nd June, 2015
Dubai, UAE

Telecom Leaders Summit 2014

19th June, 2014
The Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa - Dubai, UAE

Telecom Chairmen & CEO's Dinner

24th May, 2013
Monaco Hotel, Venice, Italy

Submarine Summit 2015

9th March, 2015
Dubai, UAE

SAMENA Telecommunications Council Achievements

  • Leaders' Summit 2021

    8th April 2021
    “Championing Digital Economic Growth from Policy to Reality”

  • SAMENA Trends

    April-May 2021
    Digital Interdependence and the 5G Ecosystem

  • Latest Open Consultations

    CITC - Consultation Paper on "Spectrum Light Licensing"

  • Latest Video

    SAMENA Council CEO Bocar BA shares insights with CNBC on industry trends, needs and issues in view of expanding Digital Economy

  • Industry Reports

    Digital trends in the Arab States region 2021

    5G Outlook Series:
    Enabling Inclusive Long-term Opportunities
    January 2021

    Internet Country Report:
    Gulf Region
    December 2020

  • SAMENA Accelerator

    Building Fiber-optic Connectivity Corridors for Digital Economy “Lighting Up a Fiber Future”
    November 19th , 2020

    Accelerating a Sustainable Digital Economy
    “Evidence-based policies for greater digital inclusion”
    November 25th , 2020

  • Leaders' Summit 2020

    9th July 2020 | Dubai, UAE
    “5G+X: Harnessing 5G Across Industries for Investment Revival”

  • COVID-19 Knowledge Base

    Omantel initiatives during the current COVID-19 situation in the Sultanate of Oman

    Digital Development Joint Action Plan and Call for Action

    Dealing with the Aftermath of
    COVID-19 Through Collaborated Acceleration of 5G Implementation Aross the World

    5G + Healthcare: Technology in Action

  • 5G Developments

    Call for Action
    Dealing with the aftermath of Covid-19

    Combating COVID-19 with 5G
    Opportunities to improve public health systems

  • Press Release

    SAMENA Council: Covid-19 Impacted the World on a Scale that 5G Could Have Contained

  • Latest Member Updates

    Etisalat highlights rapid growth of SmartHub data centres
    View Details

    Zain launches online campaign to reinforce environmental awareness
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  • Latest Industry Findings

    Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on Development in the Arab region

    Arab Horizon 2030
    Digital Technologies for Development

    The Impact of EU Regulatory Frameworks on OTT Connectivity Providers