To serve as a unified voice for Telecom Operators and a platform for Indusry Decision-Makers to help bring about a consensus-driven policy and required regulatory change for enabling digital transformation in the SA-ME-NA region.


To continually act a sector-development partner to regional Governments, Regulators, and the Industry for the joint creation of a flourishing and sustainable ICT environment, in order to aid sustainable growth, incentivize investments, and broaden value-creation via the adoption of new collaboration-driven approaches in the areas of Digital Services, Data Regulation, Spectrum Management, and Industry Fees & Taxation, among others.


  • Assisting in the Development of Collaboration-driven Public Policy and Regulatory Frameworks

  • Bringing Industry Stakeholders Together, to Mobilize Strategize that Aid Revenue-Generation

Modus Operandi

Promote Broadband Infrastructure Investment

  • Agenda

    • Broadband policies & regulations
    • New business models with stakeholders
    • Government demand stimulation
  • Roadmap

    • LTE Deployment
    • Spectrum Harmonization
    • Fiber Roll Out
  • Dividend

    • Remove barriers to investment and stimulating demand
    • Leverage government support and ensure ROI
    • Reduce royalties and financial obligations

Promote Stakeholder Cooperation

  • Agenda

    • Regional exchange and agreements
    • Harmonized position on standards
    • Cross industry forum
  • Roadmap

    • Sustainable Business Models
    • Data Roaming transparency initiatives
    • SMART Government initiatives
    • Business transformation
  • Dividend

    • Enhance quality & Efficiencies
    • Merger & Acquisitions

Promote Digitization Policies

  • Agenda

    • Clear and well funded national ICT policies and executive models
    • Recognize Telecom Operators as partners of choice for driving large scale digitization program
  • Roadmap

    • Digitization Program
    • M2M
    • Local Content Development / Domain Names
    • Mobile Health & Safety
  • Dividend

    • Create new opportunities for investments, innovations & partnership
    • SMART Government, SMART Living, SMART Economy

Promote Transparency and Collaboration in Fulfilling Governance and Smart Regulation Goals

  • Agenda

    • Distinct and effective fulfillment of policy, regulation and roles
    • Role of different stakeholders as key drivers for policy & Regulations
    • More transparency in regulatory decision and practice
  • Roadmap

    • Internet Governance
    • Post WCIT implementation
    • Convergence in Regulation
  • Dividend

    • Closer integration between Telecom, Media and Technology
    • Performance measurements
    • Incentivize investments
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