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Latest Open Consultations

Public Consultation on Radio Spectrum Use Regulations of Broadcasting Services

Public Consultations Description

This document defines the rules for the allocation and assignment of frequency spectrum for broadcast radiocommunications services in the Kingdom, the relevant licensing procedures, fees, rights, obligations of the parties, the technical standards, and monitoring and implementation by the Communications, Space and Technology Commission.

This document is intended for spectrum users and any parties interested in understanding the current context of broadcast radiocommunications services in the Kingdom

The regulatory framework for broadcasting satellite services and for PMSE (Program Making and Special Events) falls outside the scope of application of this document.

Last date to respond:
14th June, 2023

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Radio Spectrum Use Regulations of Broadcasting Services

Request for Public Consultation for Radio Spectrum Use Regulations of Broadcasting Services

Public Consultation on Review of Reference Access and Interconnection Offers

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Sultanate of Oman (hereinafter, the ‘TRA’) is empowered under The Telecommunications Regulatory Act, issued by Royal Decree No. 30/2002 (and subsequent amendments thereto), to make decisions in relation to the regulatory remedies that may be required to address the risks that arise for consumers and competition as a consequence. As a result of the Decision regarding Market Definition, and Dominance “MDD” No. 46/2022 issued on 10th February 2022, Omantel, Ooredoo and Oman Broadband designated with dominance in those telecommunications markets that it considers are susceptible to ex-ante regulation, and has imposed a number of specific ex-ante obligations, including the requirement to offer certain A&I services under regulated terms and conditions that are set out in reference offers. In line with the A&I Regulation, Omantel and Ooredoo have prepared Draft Amended RAIOs to reflect the new changes necessary, and Oman Broadband has prepared its First Draft RAIO after being designated as dominant provider in its specific market. All the Draft RAIOs will be subject to review by the Authority, industry stakeholders, and by the public as per the review process detailed in the Consultation Document.

The TRA invites all licensees, stakeholders, interested parties and the public in general to provide their comments and views, in writing, on the draft RAIOs, its terms and conditions, and the included price.

Last date to respond:
15th June, 2023

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Public Consultation Document on Review of Reference Access and Interconnection Offers.