Industry Thought Leadership

5G is ON

March, 2019
Charles Yang

Huawei Middle East

With the first quarter of 2019 almost behind us, I can confidently say that Huawei has carried plenty of momentum from 2018. Our presence there highlighted three key development areas: our 5G acceleration and leadership, our innovations for operators and consumers, and our AI-enabling intelligent operations.

As I reflect on what has already been achieved and what lies ahead, I am proud to see that we are unlocking a new era in 5G. This marks great progress towards one of our main goals: to build a fully connected, intelligent world. With this ambition in sight, Huawei is leading the way with our deployment strategy and forming important partnerships with key operators and ministries across the region.

Targeting operators and carriers at Mobile World Congress this year, we showcased how Huawei’s intelligent services and innovations can help partners identify new business opportunities and thereby achieve growth. AI, for example, is enabling the autonomous driving network to emerge, and fueling evolution for the industry. From a consumer perspective, as 5G becomes more and more prevalent, we will also feel the technology’s transformative impact on our everyday lives. 5G is helping realize society’s vision of living in interconnected, efficient, smart cities by fundamentally reshaping the transport, retail and infrastructure we rely on almost daily.

With our attention and efforts devoted to greater 5G development, deployment and infrastructure, we are using the year ahead to nurture the telco organization ecosystem.

We recognize the mutual benefits gained by Huawei and its operators when working together; customizing infrastructure and building to specific requirements so a city may wield 5G in its own way, towards any desired outcome. Huawei’s consultation in the process ensures we are setting a global 5G standard and creating opportunities for cities to achieve digital transformation - be it through the exchange of large data volumes or secure, real-time transactions and fraud detection.

Towards this end, the extent of Huawei’s ambition was made clear in MWC. There we revealed several key projects that signal our commitment to scaling-up 5G in the Middle East, and shared new insight into our AI operations. Notably, we shared our plans to work alongside operators in the Middle East to roll-out 5G networks in the region, and signed an agreement in Pakistan to connect rural areas with fiber and wireless.

Our announcements at MWC point to the fact that we are the preferred long-term partner for digital conversion – itself indicative of our expertise, customer support, and the trust placed in our services as a dependable provider of world-class ICT.

Our value to our customers reflects Huawei’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility, as we connect the unconnected through secure and stable networks. Our MWC announcements demonstrate that we prioritize network stability over our commercial interests while helping business growth on the operator-side. Trust in our capabilities is supported by the fact that we are the ICT solutions provider of choice in 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population.

At Huawei, we believe that forging strategic partnerships is the driving force behind our unwavering growth. These relationships help us ensure that no city or rural area is left behind, and no operator or consumer is left out during a time of magnificent, global digital transformation.