Industry Thought Leadership

VIVA’s Analytics Transformation

July, 2018
Andrew Hanna
Chief Commercial Officer

Viva Kuwait

Data Analytics including artificial intelligence is the future of any organization that results focused. Since its inception in 2008, VIVA promised to be a customer-centric company that always reaches the aspirations of its customers by providing them innovation in products and services latest products and solutions using models that address their requirements.

VIVA’s Analytics Transformation
One of the key pillars of our 2020 Corporate Strategy is to grow from a volume to a value leadership in core connectivity. This evolution to higher value management is necessary in a market entering maturity, making data analytics critical to long term sustainable competitiveness. Data analytics is imperative for any commercial initiative from deployment of a holistic CLVM approach and digitization of customer experience to the best in practice loyalty program design and sales incentive programs.

VIVA has invested more and more in its core analytical capabilities over the past three years. Many initiatives are already in place, and many more are yet to come. Our top priority will remain to be boosting customer experience. Listed below are some recent initiatives that have already added value to VIVA and its valuable customers.

A) State of the art predictive models
We have built more than 50 predictive ‘Machine Learning’ algorithms to support marketing and sales in decision-making with effective forecasting. Our models outperform those of our peers and create accurate predictions. Furthermore, the models can proactively identify the root causes of any change in behavior such as churn and this allows us to serve our customer in the best way even before they ask for the service.

B) Autonomous data-driven decision taking
Our next best offer engine automatically collects predictions different products by taking likelihood into account. Our customers are getting the offers they need the most. This process is autonomous and requires no human involvement.

C) 360° customer view
As each operator wants to better understand their customers, segmentation models have been a popular approach to gathering such insights. In VIVA, we have developed best-in-class clustering algorithms to produce multiple macro, micro and niche segmentations, while each serving as either value, behavior or need segmentation. A master segmentation algorithm collects all the inputs and produces one unique segment per customer. Segmentation models are linked to predictive models, both benefiting from and contributing to other artificial intelligence models creating a 360° customer view.

How do we use it? Where is it translating?
The analytical models deliver operational efficiency that is translated into a marketing, sales, and customer care roadmap, which is considered the guardian of the customer.

The data available makes us champions of change, innovation, and ahead of the game.

At this time, we are more patient in the outcome of these models, their impact on our planning and marketing decisions. We are looking at the data to help us understand our customers.

What is next for VIVA
As we continue to understand and anticipate our customers’ needs better and serve them better, customer experience analytics and CLVM strategy will remain a top priority. This includes voice of the customer, customer service optimization and usability analytics. Social media analytics and cognitive computing will be our next ambitions to get even higher customer satisfaction and will be the planning asset for any Marketing campaign.