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China Mobile International’s Go mCloud Carnival Accelerates Enterprise Cloud Adoption with Various Incentives

November, 2020
Alex LEE
Managing Director

CM International Middle East

Celebrating its tenth year of operations in 2020, China Mobile International Limited (CMI) will launch its first Go mCloud Carnival, to help enterprise customers stay ahead of digital trends and embark on cloud transformation. The online campaign will showcase a variety of cost-effective cloud network solutions from CMI and its global partners, offering customers one-stop shopping experiences.

The uncertainties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic have seen a surge in digital transformation as enterprises adopt cloud technologies to help them respond to market changes with agility. CMI’s cloud-network integration platform mCloud provides customers with visible, accessible and manageable cloud-network solutions. Since its launch in May 2019, mCloud has helped more than 7,000 enterprise customers efficiently deploy and manage innovative cloud and network products.

During the Go mCloud Carnival, customers can register on the mCloud website to trial the service and receive multiple gifts and discounts and access to free trials of other cloud services.

“Acceleration to Cloud Program” Introduces mCloud Services
Building on CMI’s extensive global network and resources, CMI iSolutions delivers one-stop customized services across connectivity, cloud, ICT, data centers and IoT to cross-border enterprises, enabling companies in a wide range of industry sectors to expand globally, seamlessly and securely.

To encourage more enterprises to experience the convenience of mCloud cloud-network solutions and begin cloud deployment, CMI will launch an “Acceleration to Cloud Program” during the Go mCloud Carnival. Enterprise customers who sign new iSolutions orders over HKD 50,000 will receive mCloud coupons for cloud services worth up to USD 10,000 based on the contract volume, allowing them to access diverse cloud services and speed up digital transformation.

Special Offers and Free Trials Provide Access to Cloud Solutions
CMI mCloud incorporates world-leading cloud service providers including AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Google Cloud and Azure, and enables wider cloud connections and application acceleration via more than 80 cloud connect PoPs worldwide. With automated, intelligent cloudified products, mCloud can reduce cloud deployment time from one or two months to 30 seconds.

To help enterprises with different needs choose suitable products and services and provide them with tailor-made solutions, enterprise customers that sign up for designated public cloud accounts on the CMI mCloud platform during the mCloud Carnival will receive cloud service vouchers worth up to USD 500, as well as discounts upon purchase.

CMI has also upgraded its "Trial Before Purchase Program” for the Go mCloud Carnival, providing customers with a 30-day free trial of its Cloud Connect service and 5G SD-WAN solutions. Enterprise customers can apply for a Free Cloud SMS package, supporting up to 10,000 messages for more effective digitalized customer relations. Five region-specific versions of the pack are available. In addition, customers can access free trials of 13 products and services, including Cloud Connect and various video conferencing, remote office, network security, backup and digital marketing solutions.

Go mCloud Carnival will unveil more privileged promotions with up to 60-day free trial of cloud network products and USD 800 cloud service vouchers. Please kindly visit the event website for more details.

Innovation Partners Empowered to Cultivate mCloud’s Global Ecosystem
China has been cooperating with countries around the world more closely than ever before. With more Chinese enterprises starting to "Go Global" and foreign-invested enterprises wanting to "Go China", the demand for multi-cloud services and cross-border communication network services is growing rapidly. Riding the globalization trend, CMI will further strengthen mCloud’s global ecosystem by inviting high-quality technology partners to join mCloud, expanding the portfolio of products and services on the platform to offer a more comprehensive and efficient one-stop service. CMI has simultaneously launched a program to provide consulting partners with flexible and efficient iSolutions products and services. Through strategic expansion and cooperation in different fields, CMI will empower more partners to add value to their businesses.

Please visit the official website for details of the event and special offers. More exciting offers will be announced following the official opening of the Go mCloud Carnival . Stay tuned: