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What is the Going Digital Toolkit?

September, 2019
Molly Lesher
Senior Digital Economy Policy Analyst

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Digital transformation affects many aspects of the economy and society in complex and interrelated ways, and the Going Digital Toolkit helps countries navigate these changes and the trade-offs that policy makers need to make. The Toolkit is structured along the lines of the Going Digital Integrated Policy Framework, which includes seven policy dimensions that need to be co-ordinated to shape a common digital future that improves the lives of all people. These policy dimensions include:

  • Access to communications infrastructures, services and data
  • Effective use of digital technologies and data
  • Data-driven and digital innovation
  • Good jobs for all
  • Social prosperity and inclusion
  • Trust in the digital age
  • Market openness in digital business environments

The Going Digital Toolkit maps a core set of indicators to each of the seven policy dimensions and allows users to interactively explore these data to assess a country’s state of digital development. The Toolkit also contains OECD policy guidance and insights related to each of the policy dimensions to help governments design and implement policies that are fit for the digital age. In due course, the Toolkit will incorporate innovative policy practices. Users can explore the Toolkit using three entry points: 1) policy dimensions, 2) countries and 3) themes.

1. Analyse your country’s performance by policy dimension

The Going Digital Toolkit allows users to assess performance in each dimension of the Going Digital Integrated Policy Framework. For example, the Use policy dimension includes indicators of how people and firms use digital technologies by country. Related publications and policy guidance are also provided to help design and develop well-suited policies.


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For best results, please use the latest version of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to explore the Toolkit.

2. Compare your country’s overall state of digital development

How does your country compare? Find out by mapping your country’s performance on the Going Digital indicators against another country, or to the EU28 or OECD average. Each visualisation shows all of the Going Digital indicators at a glance, grouped by the seven policy dimensions. In the overall visualisation, each indicator has been normalised to express each country as a proportion of the highest OECD country value.

3. Explore the indicators and policy insights by theme

Users may wish to learn more about particular themes, including: 1) data and data flows; 2) development; 3) digital government; 4) digital technologies; 5) gender; 6) productivity; 7) skills; and 8) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Such issues cut across several policy dimensions of the Going Digital Integrated Policy Framework. For example, issues related to SMEs are relevant for the Access, Use, Innovation, Trust and Market Openness policy dimensions. SMEs create jobs, spur innovation and underpin growth across the economy, but also face challenges in successfully adopting and using digital technologies.