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                                                MEMBERS NEWS

                                             stc Ranked Top Mobile Operator in KSA by Speed
                                             and Coverage

        Ookla, the global leader in mobile network,   Ookla  also  uses  Speedtest  to  measure   the  networks  of  stc  Kuwait  and  stc
        internet  and data  testing and  analysis,   mobile network and internet performance   Bahrain  cover  the  cities  of  Kuwait  and
        and  provider  of  accurate  and  reliable   and  quality,  providing  data  and  insights   Manama,  which  also  ranked  seventh  and
        reports  on  performance  and  coverage  of   into  country  trends  and  an  analysis   fifteenth  fastest  capitals  respectively.
        global  networks,  has  announced  that  stc   on  drivers  of  market  developments.
        was  named  Speedtest  Award  Winner  for   As per its report specialized in the analysis
        mobile network speed during Q1-Q2 2021,   of  performance  and  availability  of  5G
        achieving Speed Score of 111.74. Further,   networks in major cities around the world,
        stc  was  named  KSA  Speedtest  Award   Ookla recently announced Riyadh to rank
        Winner  for  the  best  coverage  among  the   sixth among the fastest capitals globally in
        mobile operators in Saudi Arabia, achieving   5G network performance in the first half of
        Coverage Score of 842. These results are   2021, with an average download speed of
        based  on  Ookla's  speed  and  coverage   384.66 Mbps, following the Swedish capital
        metrics, after comparing 3.33 million tests   Stockholm. This constitutes a remarkable
        on  iOS  and  Android  mobile  applications   success  reflecting  the  KSA’s  efforts  to
        across  the  local  mobile  operators.   develop  the  CIT  infrastructure  and  its
        When  analyzing  operators,  Ookla  solely   support  for  the  digital  transformation
        considers  top  operators  selected  in  3%   process. This ranking reflects stc Group’s
        or  more  of  total  testing  samples  across   success and role in building an advanced
        the  market  for  the  entire  award  period.   5G network in the Middle East; particularly,

        stc’s Net Income for Q2 and First Half of 2021 Compared to the Comparable
        Quarter and First Half of 2020

        In accordance with the approved dividend   history, which is a direct result of the dis-  ments, stc has topped the list of the best
        policy  for  three  years  starting  from  the   tinguished  performance  of  all  business   telecommunications companies in the re-
        4th  quarter  2018,  which  was  announced   units, and the group's subsidiaries, which   gion according to the ranking by the global
        on 16 December 2018, and has been rat-  reflected positively on the financial results.   magazine  “Forbes”.  stc  has  been  ranked
        ified  during  the  Extra  Ordinary  General   The  Enterprise  business  unit  achieved   first as the strongest telecommunications
        Assembly Meeting on April 24th 2019, stc   an increase in revenues for the period by   company in the Middle East and North Af-
        will distribute a total of SR 2,000 million in   29.3%  thanks  to  the  company's  ability  to   rica. stc also is among the top 44 digital
        cash  dividend  for  Q2  2021,  representing   provide  innovative  products  and  services   companies  in  the  world.  stc,  through  the
        SR 1 per share. The eligibility of dividends   that meet the needs of the public and pri-  digital payments company “stc pay”, was
        shall be for the shareholders at the close   vate sector. As for the Wholesale business   able to obtain the license approval of the
        of  trading  on  Thursday  05/08/2021  cor-  unit, revenues for the period increased by   Council  of  Ministers  on  12-11-1442  AH
        responding  to  26/12/1442  H  and  as  per   5.5%, as a result of stc’s investments in in-  corresponding to 22-06-2021 for stc pay
        the registered shareholders  in  the regis-  frastructure, which is starting to positively   to become one of the first digital banks in
        ter  of  The  Securities  Depository  Center   reflect on the unit’s results. The Consumer   the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This reflects
        Company  at  the  end  of  the  2nd  trading   business  unit  also  contributed  positively   stc’s  success  in  achieving  its  ambitious
        day following the eligibility date. Dividend   to the results for the period as a result of   strategy "Dare 2.0", which aims to grow in
        distribution  date  will  be  on  26/08/2021   an increase in operating lines by 3.4%, an   new, unconventional paths and play a piv-
        corresponding to 18/01/1443H.Comment-  increase in fixed wireless access subscrib-  otal role in digital transformation and digi-
        ing on these results, Eng. Olayan Moham-  ers  by  6.1%,  and  an  increase  in  demand   tal empowerment for the public and private
        med Alwetaid, stc Group CEO, stated that   for fiber-optic services, which led to an in-  sectors  and in line with  the goals  of the
        the  company  has  achieved  the  highest   crease in the subscriber base by 20.8%.As   Kingdom's Vision 2030 towards a prosper-
        quarterly and semi-annual revenues in its   a continuation of the company's achieve-  ous and diversified economy. The Arabian

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