Page 14 - SAMENA Trends - June-August 2021
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                                             EYE ON THE REGION

        Saudi Arabia is En Route to being the Most Technologica-

        lly Advanced and Most Sustainable Country in the World

                                                                                 consumption and had to prove they were
                                                                                 able  to  continue  its  levels  of  service  to
                                                                                 a  raft  of  new  customers.  stc  has  been
                                                                                 working  closely  with  the  government  to
                                                                                 ensure  and  support  the  shift  of  learning,
                                                                                 health services, and government services
                                                                                 to  a  primarily  online  format,  through  its
                                                                                 digital  connectivity  infrastructure.  During
                                                                                 last  year’s  lockdown,  for  stc  employees,
                                                                                 remote working was activated as soon as
                                                                                 the World Health Organisation announced
                                                                                 the  epidemic  and  the  percentage  of  the
                                                                                 stc workforce working from home reached

                                                                                 In  KSA,  stc  is  fast  building  economic
                                                                                 resilience  through  its  larger  enterprise
                                                                                 ecosystem  that  includes  contractors,
                                                                                 suppliers,  and  knowledge,  material,  and
                                                                                 technology  partners.  The  activation  of  a
        Vision  2030  aims  to  create  more   e-health, other in-demand online services.   variety  of  connected  services  is  allowing
        opportunities  for  young  Saudi  talent  to   While  the  COVID-19  pandemic  caused   its  partners  to  flourish  and  generate
        thrive  in  a  bustling  environment  that   havoc  for  so  many  businesses  around   additional  economic  value.  Through  a
        will  see  the  Kingdom  use  its  digital   the  world,  lockdown  meant  people  were   number of high-profile global partners, stc
        transformation to become  an economic   spending  more  and  more  time  at  home   has quickly established  itself as a digital
        powerhouse  that  is  less  reliant  on  oil   causing  a  surge  in  demand  and  usage   hub for the MENA region. Huawei, Ericsson,
        and more so on its public service sectors   of  digital  products  and  services.  This   Rakuten Mobile, and Intel have all recently
        such  as  health,  education,  infrastructure,   presented  a  huge  opportunity  for  stc   signed agreements to work with stc on a
        recreation, and tourism.             that  suddenly  saw  a  spike  in  online

        stc Group has been has been demonstrating
        visible impact through the implementation
        of its sustainability framework and ground-
        breaking digital technology currently being
        rolled out across the nation. Examples of
        these impacts include the company-wide
        focus  and  achievements  in  measurable
        reduction of resource consumption, direct
        economic  impact  through  increasing
        stakeholder value, care for human capital,
        and building long-term resilience through
        risk mitigation and good governance.

        The  company  is  not  only  providing
        customers  with  digital  services  with
        super-fast  network  speeds,  but  also
        helping  its  customers  in  reducing  their
        environmental  impacts  too,  largely  by
        facilitating opportunities in online learning,
                                                                                                    14    JUN-AUG 2021
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