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                                                               stc  has  rapidly  become  a  global  player  in  the  field  of  ICT  and
                                                               with  that  comes  even  greater  responsibility.  In  a  bid  to  remain
                                                               honest  and  transparent  with  its  shareholders,  stc  produces  a
                                                               detailed annual report highlighting the company’s activities and
                                                               performance in the environmental, social and governance aspects
                                                               of sustainability.

                                                                  Telecoms giant stc has been demonstrating
                                                                  visible impact through the implementation
                                                                  of its sustainability framework and ground-
                                                                  breaking digital technology currently being

                                                                  rolled out across the nation. Examples of
                                                                  these  impacts  include  the  company-wide
                                                                  focus  and  achievements  in  measurable
                                                                  reduction of resource consumption, direct
        number of digital solutions. Another impressive partnership with   economic  impact through  increasing
        a global leader is with Western Union, which has bought into stc
        Pay – the company’s foray into fintech, which is already worth   stakeholder value, care for human capital,
        over $1 billion.                                          and building long-term resilience through

        “Sustainability is the key to achieving the goals Vision 2030 has   risk mitigation and good governance.
        been set and we at stc realise the influence we have in ensuring
        KSA  is  a  world-leader  when  it  comes  to  being  environmentally   What’s more, stc has committed to the ICT industry’s Net Zero
        friendly,”  says  Eng.  Olayan  M.  Alwetaid,  Group  CEO,  stc.  “As  a   project  -  a  science-based  pathway  to  reduce  greenhouse  gas
        business we have come a long way in a very short space of time   emissions  across  the  telecoms  sector  completely  by  2050.  stc
        and we have made sustainability a cornerstone of our business,   will also develop renewable energy generation at its campus and
        and we will continue to play our part in making Saudi Arabia one   facilities throughout Saudi Arabia, to ensure energy efficiency in
        of the world’s most important and thriving economies though this   existing buildings and assets. New buildings will be designed and
        transition into digital.”                              built with energy-saving features. If the progress of the last 12
                                                               months is anything to go by, those in Saudi Arabia could be living
        By implementing its sustainability strategy not only is stc thriving,   in  the  most  technologically  advanced  country  on  the  planet  by
        but  it’s  also  helping  to  deliver  the  overarching  sustainability   2030 – and also one of the most sustainable.
        agenda of Saudi Arabia. As KSA’s main provider of information and
        communications technology and services, stc is in the process of
        laying down the physical, digital, and cultural backbone of Saudi
        Arabia’s social and economic transformation for the years ahead.
        This  includes  supporting  the  Saudi  Green  Initiative  and  Middle
        East Green Initiative - twin roadmaps launched by the Kingdom's
        Crown  Prince  HRH  Prince  Mohammed  bin  Salman  to  rally  the
        Middle East region in confronting climate change.

        The Saudi Green Initiative sets out a blueprint to raise vegetation
        cover,  reduce  carbon  emissions,  combat  pollution  and  land
        degradation,  and  preserve  marine  life.  It  calls  for  the  planting
        of  10  billion  trees  in  the  Kingdom  over  the  coming  decades  —
        the  equivalent  of  rehabilitating  roughly  40  million  hectares  of
        degraded lands. The initiative also draws an ambitious map for
        reducing carbon emissions by generating 50% of the Kingdom's
        energy from renewables by 2030.

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