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SAMENA Council and leading stakeholders embark on a groundbreaking Universal Broadband Financing initiative

Dubai, 30 November 2023 – SAMENA Telecommunications Council, in partnership with esteemed members of the Advocacy Taskforce of the former UN Broadband Commission Working Group on 21st Century Financing Models to Bridge the Connectivity Gap, including Smart Africa and Digicel, chaired a pivotal Broadband Development Financing Meeting, held at Vodafone Global Headquarters in London on 27th November 2023. Attended by more than 30 distinguished delegates from various sectors, the London meeting marked a significant milestone in global efforts to bridge the digital divide and bring connectivity to the unconnected, including in the SA-ME-NA region and neighboring regions.

The meeting’s central achievement was the establishment of the foundational elements for a new Universal Broadband Financing Framework. This groundbreaking initiative is set to commence with implementations in Nigeria and Rwanda, underscoring a commitment to enhancing digital inclusion through broadband connectivity, thus setting a precedent for future broadband infrastructure expansion across other markets.

The meeting was a testament to the collective resolve to address prevailing connectivity gaps. It brought together ICT ministers, leaders from the ICT industry, funding groups, Telecom Operators, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies, showcasing a unified front in tackling digital divides still prevailing around the world.

SAMENA Council believes that this new initiative will have direct impact on broadband affordability, sustainable investments in the digital infrastructure and innovation, and would help Telecom Operators and other stakeholders achieve new milestones in collaboration. SAMENA Council also extends heartfelt gratitude to all attendees for their valuable contributions and an unwavering commitment to this initiative. Together, the participants have set in motion a transformative endeavor poised to make significant strides in connecting the unconnected, making progress on the SDGs, and fostering a more digitally-inclusive world.


Source: SAMENA Council Press release