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Omantel Innovation Labs empowers aspiring game developers with transformative game development bootcamp

Omantel Innovation Labs has concluded the eagerly anticipated Game Development Bootcamp – a transformative five-day program that was set to empower aspiring game developers and take their skills to the next level.

More than 760 applications were received, from which 74 participants were selected to take part in an immersive learning experience that covered game design, development, and marketing. Designed to nurture creativity and prepare technical competence, the bootcamp was a valuable opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in a dynamic environment of learning and growth.

Including more than 20 workshops and 15 esteemed speakers and trainers coming from industry leaders, the first-of-its-kind bootcamp featured speakers from Unity, Ubisoft, Epic Games, HTC VIVE, and more, aiming to provide participants with a unique platform for learning, teamwork, and engagement with industry-thought leaders in the heart of Omantel’s headquarters.

Speaking about the bootcamp, HH Al Sayyida Ghada Al Said, Senior Manager of Omantel Innovation labs said: “Gaming Development is a rapidly growing, highly competitive, and attractive market, where we believe that our local talent can create value given the right access to technology and knowledge. We’ve been so inspired by the engagement and commitment from our participants and are eager to see how they use what they have learned to create quality games that are creative, entertaining and have global appeal”.

The Omantel Game Development Bootcamp has been designed to enhance both individual and team-based skills. Over the course of five enriching days, participants went through a diverse range of training exercises spanning gameplay mechanics, development techniques, and cutting-edge game marketing strategies. Participants had the unique opportunity to engage with industry giants such as Ubisoft, Tamatem, Unity, The Gaming Lab, and HTC VIVE. These speakers shared invaluable insights and provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the industry's trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Aya Al Sabahi, a 3rd year computer science student said: “The program was amazing. I got to meet a lot of people, I'm definitely on the right path. I thank Omantel for organizing this event; it was a step forward, and it definitely inspired me to continue on this path.

The Omantel Innovation Labs was created to leverage Omantel’s expertise, partnerships, reach, and access to technology to contribute to Oman’s Vision 2040, and promote innovation and entrepreneurship in new and emerging technology. Located in a 1,100 sqm facility in the heart of the Omantel Headquarters in Madinat Al Irfan, the Omantel Innovation Labs actively engages with the local startup ecosystem through various programs and activities including the Omantel Accelerator, hackathons and bootcamps.

Source: Press Release