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Omantel collaborates with Google Cloud to boost API management and AI/ML capabilities

In a major move to ramp up its digital services and infrastructure, Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate of Oman, has firmed up a new collaboration with Google Cloud.

The collaboration is aimed at bolstering Omantel’s application programming interface (API) management and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities, thus empowering it to offer customers a seamless digital experience and superior analytical services.

Omantel CEO Talal Al Mamari said: “Omantel believes cloud is the ultimate resource for digitization that transforms businesses like never before. Cloud has the power to tackle some of the biggest challenges faced by businesses. We turned to Google Cloud because it has the latest capabilities to accelerate an organisation’s digital transformation through application and infrastructure modernisation and data democratisation. The strategic collaboration centres around our two core objectives: first, to optimize service delivery and, second, to leverage latest technologies to gain valuable insights and drive data-driven decision-making.”

Omantel is leveraging Google Cloud's expertise in API management to provide a seamless digital experience for its customers. By using Google Cloud's Apigee platform, Omantel will be able to rapidly create, comprehend, and scale its APIs by adding security, control, and analytics capabilities to its API infrastructure.

This will also empower Omantel to easily manage and release new APIs, effectively monitor and analyze API performance, and quickly correct any issues.

Ghassan Kosta, Qatar Country Manager, Google Cloud said: “The telecommunications sector is a data-rich field. The collaboration with Google Cloud enables Omantel to leverage our best-in-class AI/ML analytical platform and services to bring deeper meaning to its data. The company will also have access to Google Cloud's suite of AI and ML tools and solutions to help analyze and gain valuable insights from its data. These tools will enable Omantel to make smarter decisions, powered by data, that will yield impactful results for their customers.”

The collaboration will also provide further avenues for innovation within Omantel, leveraging Omantel’s Innovation Labs to provide API access to the local startup ecosystem. Omantel Innovation Labs works directly with the most promising local technology startups with the aim to accelerate their growth, by providing internal and external mentorship, and providing them with access to the most relevant technologies and expertise. The ambition is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in new and emerging technologies, add value to Omantel’s stakeholders, and drive economic growth.

Omantel is the Sultanate’s first and leading integrated telecommunications services provider, enabling the digital society to flourish, allowing new ways of doing business and delivering a world of information, news, and entertainment. While striving to ensure an optimum customer satisfaction, Omantel plays a key social role to provide the required support and assistance to all sectors amongst the Omani society.

Source: Press Release