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stc academy offers educational programs for gamers and game developers this gamers season

Riyadh, August 14: stc Academy participated in the gamers season, the largest sports and electronic games event in the world, by providing a set of training programs and workshops to train and develop players and game developers in Riyadh City Boulevard.

The stc Academy provided educational content to train those interested in developing electronic games, as these programs target Saudi youth to enable them to hone their talents and develop their skills.

The game developers area within the Riyadh City Boulevard hosted workshops and training programs, which were equipped with the latest technologies to provide the best experience for the trainees to develop their knowledge and develop their skills, targeting the age groups from 9 to 21 years of players and developers. .

The number of players and game developers who benefited reached 60 participants, who will be able, after the end of the training programs, to obtain pass certificates in addition to a set of gifts and prizes in cooperation with stcplay.

The participation of stc Academy comes as part of stc’s pursuit of progress and development in digital innovation by participating in the largest global sports and electronic games event to provide a unique educational experience for all that contributes to building a supportive environment for game developers in the Kingdom, in addition to providing stc through the stcplay platform many activities, events and services that It provides audiences with the opportunity to witness the latest innovations, which represent an essential platform for future growth in the digital field and in sports and electronic games.

It is worth noting that the Gamers season is held under the slogan “Your Gateway to the Next World”, and the season offers a special experience for fans and lovers of sports and electronic games, through many competitive tournaments with the participation of the best players and teams in the world in “elite competitions”, with a total of 15 financial prizes $1 million, in addition to educational and entertainment events, activities, and parties for all.

Source: Press Release