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stc boosts the 5G network capacity by over 60%

stc the leading Digital Enabler in the Kingdom has developed its 5G Infrastructure Capabilities through utilizing a new additional 5G spectrum to be the 1st Operator in MENA Region to enable 5G Carrier Aggregation technology. This is expected to boost the 5G network capacity up to 60% and improve download speeds for its subscribers.

This development plan utilizes 2.3GHz band for 5G on more than 1000 sites as an initial phase, through reuse of the spectrum resources initially used for 4G which affirms stc’s strategic commitment to adopt cutting edge technologies and services.

The use of 5G Carrier Aggregation technology is expected to aggregate the new 2.3GHz carrier to the main 5G carrier on 3.5GHz, to augment the overall 5G network capacity and elevate speeds into global-ranking levels.

Eng. Bader Alluhaib - stc Infrastructure VP has stated: “In stc – as per our leading position in strengthening the Kingdom’s status in the global Telecom sector – we are restlessly working – with the support of our partners – to develop our infrastructure capabilities, and introducing the latest solutions and technologies to enrich our subscribers experience and improve the Kingdom’s global ranking. As the leading Operator in the Kingdom, we are planning to adopt these advanced solutions in a larger scale throughout the upcoming years as an integral part of the 2030 Vision”.

Eva Andrin – Deputy VP for Saudi and Egypt in Ericsson, stc’s Technology Partner has stated: “Ericsson’s 5G Carrier Aggregation solution - which employs Advanced Radio Coordination technologies – provides a breakthrough change in enhancing 5G coverage, boosting capacity and improving 5G users experience. Ericsson is devoted to provide stc with such innovative solutions to uplift its network capabilities, to outreach new horizons towards the Kingdom Vision”

stc expects to conclude this development within this year, to act as a new step in stc journey to enrich its subscribers experience and spread 5G technology into larger scales in the Kingdom.

Source: Press Release