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stc ramped its CSR initiatives in 2021 to create a positive impact in the community

The onset of the pandemic in 2020 has without a doubt disrupted the lifestyles and livelihoods of numerous members of the Kuwaiti community, driving market leaders to take a stand in solidarity against the widespread virus. During these times of uncertainty, stc showed no hesitation in supporting the government’s various initiatives and the local community in the path to recovery and resilience. The rollout of effective vaccines at the start of 2021 marked a turning point in a pandemic that wrought devastation for economies and communities in 2020. Through its role as a pioneer and leader in the Kuwaiti telecom sector, stc ramped its community-focused initiatives to relieve some of the repercussions and challenges that were impacting the Kuwaiti society.

Aside from its innovative services and digital solutions available to customers across various platforms, stc has built a reputation of committing to the needs of the local community, especially during times of needs. stc actively participated in numerous initiatives in 2020 led by the government to minimize the impact of the pandemic on the Kuwaiti population, while simultaneously managing its own unique programs to educate, entertain, and spread awareness through its CSR framework. In 2021, as government restrictions were eased, stc scaled its CSR program to diversly contribute towards various causes, including the key areas of health, education, entrepreneurship, and the environment.

Looking back on the year, through its will to spread a positive impact in the community, stc successfully facilitated, managed, sponsored, and participated in various initiatives that aimed to support and empower the Kuwaiti society. These initiatives were carried out in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Government, established enterprises, SMEs, specialized service providers, and members of the community to effectively implement cause-related concepts in line with stc’s social responsibility framework.

Safety measures and health Awareness

Under its CSR health initiatives, stc continued its activities throughout 2021 with the goal of supporting the community during a critical time. In 2021, stc signed a strategic partnership with Tabeeby App, an innovative mobile application used to connect with trusted doctors in various specialized fields with the objective of providing quality healthcare services and spreading awareness on ways to prevent diseases. Through the strategic collaboration, and with the support of trusted doctors, the application was used to contribute towards several of the Company’s cancer related and other disease-based campaigns to spread awareness and educate the public. The App was also utilized to showcase some of the latest developments in the medical world presented by a large group of specialized doctors who provided key medical advice to promote a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle in the community.

stc implemented its annual initiatives in addition to spreading awareness on new causes that are impacting the community. stc employees participated in the World Blood Donor Day, a worldwide initiative that focuses on donating blood to save lives, in collaboration with the Kuwait Central Blood Bank. The Company also launched an awareness campaign across its social media platforms in collaboration with Tabeeby App to encourage the selfless act of donating blood, as well as the positive impact it has on those who are in need. To complement this community-driven initiative, stc provided the Kuwait Central Blood Bank with a generous set of supplies to assist them in carrying out their duties.

Focusing on cancer awareness, stc launched an informative campaign that provided valuable medical advice on ways to prevent breast cancer, also in collaboration with Tabeeby App. The awareness messages were shared across the Company’s official and employee social media channels throughout the month of October. As part of the campaign, a series of educational videos produced in collaboration with Tabeeby App were shared internally.

stc also collaborated with Tabeeby App to produce and post several awareness videos, in addition to organizing a screening test at the Company’s headquarters in Olympia and arranging fitness activities. stc also collaborated with Alia International Hospital through an interactive social post to provide free breast cancer screening tests as a complimentary service that was announced on the Company’s Instagram page. Additionally, customers visiting stc’s main branches throughout Kuwait received giveaways as part of the awareness campaign.

In a related context, stc launched its breast cancer awareness and “Movember” prostate cancer awareness campaigns, each comprising of both internal and external initiatives to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The two campaigns were in line with stc’s CSR framework, while providing the Kuwaiti society with valuable information on ways to lower the risk factors of developing the diseases.

Considering the safety measures implemented by the Kuwaiti Government during the start of the year, stc ensured that it spared no effort in abiding to the health guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health across its branches, headquarters, and throughout all the initiatives the Company participated in. This comes in addition to its numerous Covid-19 relief and awareness programs that were initiated in 2020.

stc organized a vaccination drive in collaboration with the Ministry of Health that was held at the Company’s headquarters and several of the Ministry of Heath’s vaccination locations, whereby stc proudly succeeded in vaccinating around 1,000 of the Company’s employees and their families.

Aside from the vaccination drive, solutions by stc, the specialized business arm of stc, offered its services to build the integrated network infrastructure at the drive-in vaccination center on the South Island of Jaber Bridge. The initiative was carried out in line with the highest international standards in collaboration with the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC), an affiliate of the Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC), to develop a modern and digitally enabled network infrastructure for the vaccination center located on the South Island of Jaber Bridge. The network established at the center was directly connected with the Ministry of Health, with data transferred through an integrated system that used stc’s high-speed network supported by fiber optics and 5G connectivity.

Following its effective measures to maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere within the community, stc sponsored the national “Safe Education” initiative in collaboration with the Ministries of Education, Health, Interior, and Information. The campaign was launched to ensure strict adherence to the health protocols and social distancing requirements as students returned to school. In support of the national campaign, stc launched an SMS campaign with educational and instructive messages while promoting awareness messages on its social media platforms. stc schedule visits to different schools across Kuwait in support of the initiative, including schools for students with learning differences as part of the continuous cooperation between stc and the Kuwaiti Association for Learning Differences (KALD).

Spreading positivity

Following the challenges times caused by the pandemic, stc found it essential in 2021 to spread positivity within the community through various forms. Standing side by side with the people of Kuwait, stc participated in Kuwait’s national holiday celebrations by launching “Ezhalha”. The campaign included several initiatives launched by stc under the Ezhalha umbrella, such as an exclusive broadcast program on Marina FM, a creative TVC, nationwide advertising, a special program with the Kuwait Association for Learning Differences (KALD), as well as an internal campaign for employees. Unique in its form, the campaign highlighted, amongst other concepts, talented Kuwaiti individuals who have dedicated their time and effort in spreading a positive impact within the community. Frontliners were also acknowledged and recognized for their courageous roles not only during the pandemic, but indefinitely.

During the holy month of Ramadan, stc collaborated with the Tarahom Volunteer Team, a subsidiary of the International Islamic Charity Organization, in a humanitarian initiative as part of its #today_we_can campaign. The concept focused on highlighting four members in the community who have witnessed hardships, distributing iftar meals to sanitary workers and the Al-Adan Hospital ambulance center, as well as distributing gift baskets to frontliners at the Ministry of Interior and those working at the Kuwait International Far Grounds vaccination center as a token of appreciation for their continuous support.

The #today_we_can campaign was extended by stc through a series of awareness initiatives with the participation of social media influencers who covered different topics of discussion. The objective of the continuation was to raise awareness on the importance of acting today for a better tomorrow.

In another act of spreading positivity within the community, stc honored the top performing high school students in Kuwait that received the highest achievements within the Arts and Science curriculums. The students were each recognized for their outstanding academic success by stc as the Company highlighted and showcased their achievements to the public.

To raise awareness and promote the rights of persons with special needs, stc visited Café 312, Kuwait's first cafe of its kind run by employees with special needs, in support of the local special needs community and coinciding with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities during the month of December. in collaboration with Café 312 offered its customers a free coffee drink for the day. stc also hosted founder and partner of Café 312, Tarek Abdin, to elaborate more on the first-of-its-kind initiative in support of the special need community in an interview broadcasted on stc’s social media channels.

Supporting SMEs and start-ups has also been a consistent mission set by stc in an effort to drive local businesses and instill a positive impact in the community and economy. stc launched the “Weyak” initiative in collaboration with solutions by stc to support local businesses in enabling their digital transformation strategies. SMEs participating in the initiative were offered customized offers and promotions provided by solutions by stc tailored to suit their business needs. Additionally, stc promoted the participants’ projects through the Company’s social media platforms, assisting business owners in presenting their solutions to a wider potential customer base.

Sports and the athletic community

stc has been a long-time supporter of the local sports community, and in 2021 the Company continued to participate and play a role in various initiatives to empower athletes in Kuwait. At the start of the year, stc became the main sponsor of the first duathlon championship in Kuwait organized by the Kuwait Triathlon Club. The event witnessed strong participation with over 100 athletes competing in the thrilling race held at the Kuwait Motor Town track.

Shortly after, stc partnered with local bicycle supplier ‘Extreme Sports’ to sponsor and support a series of events organized for cyclist enthusiasts as part of the “Friday Ride” initiative. Through its role as a partner, stc helped ensure the safety of participating cyclists competing in the race across Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway, while raising awareness on the importance of physical health, endurance, and regular exercise.

In addition to the duathlon, stc sponsored the first sprint distance triathlon race in Kuwait organized by the Kuwait Triathlon Federation. The triathlon started at the Green Island and continued onto the Gulf Road where the Ministry of Interior had closed two lanes for the athletes to complete the cycling portion of the race. As a main sponsor on the initiative, stc supported both the organizers and the athletes as they completed the swimming, sprinting, and cycling legs of the race.

Recognized for its prominent role and avid support towards the Kuwaiti football community, stc continued its strategic partnership with the Kuwait Football Association (KFA) and its soccer tournaments in the 2021-2022 season for the eighth consecutive year. The partnership included sponsoring the widely followed Kuwait Premier League, the Division One league, the Super Cup, and the Amir and Crown Prince Cups may God bless and protect them.

stc also joined the ‘Battle of the East’ fitness festival as a main sponsor, where the Company hosted a variety of activities and competitions at the stc village, a dedicated area on the fitness festival’s grounds. The fitness festival consisted of several attractions including CrossFit, Powerlifting, and Calisthenics competitions, as well as a Saracen Race for adults and children. In addition to its sponsorship, stc employees participated in the Saracen Race, a 5k obstacle race designed to test endurance and push the boundaries of competitors. The purpose of the participation was to promote effective teamwork skills in order to boost productivity levels that would reflect positively in the workplace.

Following the fitness festival, stc sponsored the most challenging competition of its kind in Kuwait, the BeInspired Obstacle Run 2021. The race attracted running enthusiast from around Kuwait to participate in the challenging obstacle course organized at the Sahara Golf Resort. Upon concluding the race, members of the stc team recognized the winners of the Men’s and Women’s races.

Sustainable development and the environment

stc highly values the importance of practicing environmentally conscious behaviors to reduce waste and achieve sustainable living to progressively develop the local community. Through this approach, the Company was keen to support initiatives and sponsor campaign that aim to protect the environment and reduce pollution.

Building on its commitment to protect the environment and as part of its social responsibility, stc signed an agreement to collaborate with local recycling firm, Omniya. The agreement aims to support initiatives launched by Omniya, while spreading awareness on conserving and recycling plastic to encourage sustainable living. As part of the agreement, stc launched an internal and external awareness campaign through its various digital platforms. To ensure the effective spread of valuable information concerning preservation, stc posted on both its public and staff social media accounts to reach as many individuals as possible.

Another initiative stc participated in during 2021 was the largest of its kind desert clean-up in the Subiya area led by the Tarahom Volunteer Team. Through the partnership, stc as well as several Small to Medium Sized enterprises, governmental institutions, private companies, and volunteers, properly disposed of all waste materials left in the desert. Collectively, 1,375 participants managed to collect over 10 tons of matter that was placed in over 2,500 waste disposal bags.

Fostering leadership through experience

Focusing on educating and empowering the younger generation, stc continued to welcome students interested in participating in its internship programs. The programs aim to provide aspiring students and recent graduates with real life work experience, with each program designed to add great value that can assist them in building their future careers. stc’s internship programs are carried out in collaboration with local universities, where students can effectively apply what they have studied, as well as their personal knowledge throughout the experience.

In addition to its educational internship programs, stc renewed its open invitation to aspiring Kuwaiti individuals interested in joining stc’s talented team and gaining experience in the telecom and digital solutions world. The purpose of the invitation was to attract and employ talented Kuwaiti individuals from different fields and backgrounds, starting with fresh graduates up to senior executives. stc welcomed applicants across various fields and sectors, including technical and specialized positions dealing with strategy, marketing, technology, and human resources, in line with its commitment to attract and recruit local Kuwaiti talent.

Considering its widespread involvement with the community across various levels, it is not new for stc to contribute and participate in a rich and diverse selection of impactful initiatives. Since established, stc has contributed to a multitude of causes and achieved numerous milestones in line with its commitment to support the local community, and social responsibility agenda. Looking ahead, the Company will spare no effort to continue its community-based initiatives in 2022 and beyond. stc aims to empower and give back to the community by supporting various fields such as healthcare, sports, the environment, as well as the younger generation and entrepreneurs, to achieve sustainable development. Through its extensive agenda and will to back the community during challenging and prosperous times, stc has aligned its agenda to work progressively towards achieving the Kuwait 2035 Vision.

Source: stc Press Release