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stc opens its newest flagship branch in Mahboula

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, opened the doors to its new flagship branch in Mahboula equipped with advanced technology to provide an exceptional customer experience. Incorporating digitized and smart solutions, stc’s latest flagship branch falls in line with the Company’s digital transformation vision and corporate strategy to efficiently support the lifestyle choices of its valued customers.

The branch features a new design concept that integrates both innovative features and convenient solutions, acknowledging stc’s understanding in meeting the diverse needs of its growing customer base in Kuwait. Opening its doors to serve new and existing customers, the new Mahboula branch welcomes visitors to a customer-centric lifestyle experience that incorporates stc’s extensive offering line and exclusive promotions.

Built with customer convenience in mind, the branch includes wide stations showcasing the latest smartphone and entertainment devices on display for a firsthand shopping experience. Customers will have a chance to test products, get a feel for the grip and size of devices, and test features before making a purchase. Additionally, there will be a 24/7 self-service area dedicated to fulfilling customers’ requests at their convenience.

In support of the decisions taken by the Ministry of Health, the new branch will apply the necessary precautionary measures such as social distancing, mandatory face masks and regular sanitization to ensure the safety of both customers and employees. stc also maintains the same safety standards in its headquarters, branches, and at any external initiatives it participates in to mitigate the risk associated with the current pandemic.

Commenting on the opening, Chief Consumer Officer (CCO) of stc, engineer Amer Atoui, said, “We are proud to open the door to another flagship branch that purely focuses on providing a customer-centric experience while granting access to our latest products, services, and offers to the Mahboula area. Our goal remains to consistently enhance the customer journey for both new and existing customers while easing access to the breadth of our extensive offering line. With our new flagship branches, we aim to bestow a simplified and personalized shopping experience that enables our customers to find out more about our products and services prior to making any commitments.”

Atoui added, “Engaging with our customers in innovative ways allows us to get a better understanding of their lifestyle choices and customize our offerings in a way that can add value to their daily routines and activities. Whether it is through one of our branches, digital platforms, or through our call center, our primary objective of delivering an exceptional experience to our customers remains consistent. This goes hand in hand with our corporate strategy that builds on our exclusive offers and promotions, strengthening our 5G network, and offering a range of solutions at affordable and competitive prices.”

To find out more about stc’s events, promotions, and sponsorships, follow stc’s official social media platforms, visit one of stc’s branches, download mystc mobile application, visit or contact the customer service center by dialing 102 for around the clock assistance.

Source: stc Press Release