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solutions by stc launches integrated online payment and business solutions “Tajer” powered by Payzah

solutions by stc, the specialized business arm of Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, announced the launch of an integrated solutions powered by Payzah called “Tajer” that aims to support organizations, especially SMEs, in setting up their E-commerce platforms. The full fledge solution builds on solutions by stc’s various products targeting the B2B segments under the Company’s extensive offering line.

Tajer offers customers a variety of innovative features including designed and ready to use E-commerce website, a payment gateway, point-of-sale solution, and ECR (electronic Cashier Registration) system to streamline their operations seamlessly and with ease. The solution will aid businesses in saving valuable time and effort through a cost-effective approach that will streamline their unique digital transformation journeys. Business owners will be able to track their expenses and income while storing their invoices to track sales and instantly issue receipts to customers via email and other means and mediums.

With a wealth of added features, Tajer can be improve businesses in various business models, providing a dedicated payment gateway. Through Tajer platform, merchants can set their target areas according to their branches, receive notifications on new orders, integrate their various social media channels, manage inventory, provide delivery estimates, generate invoices, and offer payment options such as K-Net, credit card or Cash on delivery.

Tajer platform is designed to assist merchants in their digital transformation strategies, and powered by Payzah, an innovative cloud-based payment company specialized in providing online payment solutions. By automating and digitizing the process, Tajer by Payzah can assist companies in generating higher sales by managing payments and orders efficiently, in addition to scheduling deliveries, boosting online sales, and other retail-based solutions. Through the e-Store solution, merchants can utilize effective sales tools and instant reporting features that are incorporated into the platform to boosts overall efficiency and aid decision-making procedures. Merchants can also benefit from the integrated promotional tools to schedule campaigns for any of their products and services while tracking the progress to enhance their sales figures, taking control of the stock & Inventory management. This will allow merchants to generate PDF invoices to share with clients, while enjoying additional benefits that can be managed through the Tajer mobile App or the platforms web app.

Moreover, Tajer offers more solutions for merchants like payment gateway that enables merchants to add various payment methods to their own website or application to facilitate online transactions. Plus, POS solution that accept electronic card payments for the merchant’s customers in safer and more efficient way with the flexibility of using a wide range of cards including credit, debit, GCC issued cards or international ones. In addition, electronic cash register (ECR - cashier) system that is designed to assist merchants in selling their products in more effective way in retail outlets. Merchants can track sales, minimize register errors, collect inventory data and much more.

solutions by stc released a statement indicating that the new platform Tajer aims to reshape the local E-commerce market by introducing a cost-effective and full-fledged concept that offers an array of value adding benefits. In line with its commitment to provide a range of B2B solutions all under one roof, solutions by stc continues to introduce innovative solutions that enable businesses in implementing their digital transformation strategies while enhancing their operational activities. B2B customers can enjoy the numerous features offered by Tajer through custom tailored bundles that serve their own unique needs. solutions by stc will also be offering special discounts and affordable monthly rates to assist each business segment in achieving their strategic goals.

solutions by stc stated that the Company is proud to offer this innovative and transformative platform to its B2B customers who will greatly benefit from the feature packed solutions. Since the onset of the pandemic, solutions by stc has been keen to support SMEs in their gradual recovery and return to normalcy. Through this approach, the Company released a variety of value adding solutions in addition to Tajer, which is now available to customers seeking to adopt a simple and streamlined online payments and business solutions to enhance their operations.

Following its strategy to offer business solutions all under one roof, solutions by stc has taken great strides to partner with market leaders and introduce new products that cater to the Company’s growing and diverse customer base. These included a range of connectivity solutions through stc such as fixed or wireless services, 5G technology, as well as ICT, IoT, AI, and other IT products and services. solutions by stc will continue to introduce pioneering technology enabled solutions based on the latest innovations in this digital era, serving as the preferred gateway to its customers through digital transformation.

To find out more about solutions by stc, visit, send an email to with your inquiry or contact solutions by stc at 155.

Source: stc Press Release