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stc completes its digital services with 16 towers, 4 communication stations and 15 coverage vehicles

stc Group CEO Eng. Olayan M. Al-Wetaid reviewed the digital services arrangements in several locations that will host events of Riyadh Season this year. Eng. Al Wetaid visited The Boulevard, Riyadh and different sites to check how the network infrastructure is ready for the events. The CEO met the hosts of the season and the site teams dedicated to enrich the visitors' digital experience.

In his visit, Eng. Al Wetaid reviewed the efforts made to complete the IT installations and prepare the operation, supervision, management, design and continuous support teams, consisting of more than 358 specialists. stc seeks to enhance the Riyadh Season visitors' experience, provide visitors with the best 5G network in the KSA in terms of the speed and data capacity and 100% coverage of The Boulevard and support the infrastructure with 8500 m of optical fibers across the site to feed up the towers and stations.

He stressed the need to take into account the large number of the visitors to the Season in order to provide them with outstanding digital experience. stc provides internal coverage solutions in 5 key buildings in addition to 16 towers supporting the 5G networks, 4 internal communication stations and 15 vehicles for internal and external coverage in addition to 587 WiFi hotspots across The Boulevard.

Al Wetaid praised the role of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), under the supervision of the Advisor at the Royal Court and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority (GEA), HE Turki Bin Abdulmohsen Al-Sheikh, on hard work and efforts for the Season, and called on everyone to make the best efforts and to work as one team with the authorities working on the Season to achieve the desired results. He stressed the commitment of stc and its field teams to be up to provide the required support at any time to ensure that the visitors' expectations are met. He also praised the great efforts made by all sectors that would contribute to the success of the Season this year.

Source: stc Press Release