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stc launches a package of digital services for the non-profit sector free of charge

As part of its efforts to achieve sustainability and adopt initiatives with sustainable impact, stc launched its Sustainability Platform, which provides digital services to non-profit organizations free of charge, thus allowing them to develop and expand their services in a way that supports their efficiency and effectiveness.

Through the services provided by the Sustainability Platform, stc seeks to digitally empower the Saudi society by creating quality programs that support social responsibility and achieve sustainable development, in addition to making a change and positive impact by using its capabilities, capacities, and expertise to provide various charity associations across the Kingdom with advanced technology-based solutions.

stc has identified and provided the technical needs of charity associations through this offering of digital packages. Phase 1, which extends until the end of 2021, cover more than 150 charity associations across the Kingdom. The package includes 9 qualitative services, including: building a complete website for charity associations, developing a platform for managing and broadcasting online lectures, developing an online platform specialized in providing consultancy services to help charity associations communicate with their beneficiaries, and developing an electronic course management platform that helps increase knowledge enrichment and trainers optimal investment and raise the efficiency of educational platforms.

On this occasion, Eng. Abdullah Abdulrahman Alkanhl, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at stc, said: "At stc, we seek to maximize the positive impact on our society in order to create digital sustainable value and a brighter future for individuals and society as a whole. Through this platform, we emphasize stc's strategic role as an enabler of digital transformation in the Kingdom, in line with the objectives of Vision 2030, and raising the non-profit sector’s contribution to the GDP from less than 1% to 5%, and increasing the rate of projects that are aligned with development goals, and reaching one million volunteers."

He added: "stc focused on its role in investing its digital capabilities in providing a set of solutions aimed at digitizing all administrative, financial and operational procedures and empowering non-profit organizations at the technical level. The services provided by stc include integrated packages of advanced technical solutions that enable charity associations to improve performance efficiency, institutional quality, and optimal use of resources, in order to achieve the goal of harnessing technology to support and enhance community contribution."

stc's Sustainability Platform provides three key services (volunteer program, knowledge exchange, and technical empowerment) that support the company's strategic objectives of promoting the principle of sustainability as a moral obligation, value, goal, and an integral part of the company's culture, to provide a better tomorrow for future generations.

Source: stc Press Release