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stcplay launches the largest million-riyal electronic gaming contest for the first time in the kingdom

The leading electronic gaming platform stcplay launched the largest million-riyal competition in the Middle East and North Africa with the aim of motivating the ever-growing number of players in the Kingdom, and to create ways to communicate and compete with other players, in addition to innovative features for those interested in the electronic gaming sector at all levels.

The stcplay platform made it possible to register in the competition via its website “” and through its application for iOS- and Android-operated smart devices, by entering a free-of-charge draw, with no prerequisites, to compete for prizes totaling one million riyals, which will be distributed among the random-draw winners, incrementally.

Statistical reports have recently revealed a significant growth in the electronic gaming sector, which has blossomed into an independent technical economy in its own right, and expected its value during 2021 in the Middle East to reach about 6.3 billion dollars, including 820 million dollars GCC.

The stcplay platform emerged through a strategic partnership with the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic Sports to allow players the opportunity to compete in electronic gaming tournaments, browse game-related content and communicate with other players, alongside an array of innovative features. stcplay allows players to participate in tournaments hosted by the platform and the opportunity to win cash prizes, and compete to reach the “Leaderboard” list that displays players’ rankings in various games, as well as a wide library of gaming content containing articles, latest news, updates and most prominent tournaments. Moreover, players will receive personalized recommendations for articles and tournaments based on their preferences.

Furthermore, stc has strengthened its support for the electronic gaming sector, by providing a number of added services through home and mobile internet packages by providing “Game Master,” which comprises a special 100 MB within the clients’ fiber package, that enables them to use customized additional speed of his own alone, as well as “Level Up,” comprising additional data dedicated to gamers participating in limited data packages, and can be subscribed to on a monthly basis or by a one-time purchase.

The strategy of the stcplay platform stems from its vision towards leading the community of players in the Middle East and North Africa, by providing innovative services to better meet the needs of players and provide opportunities for competitors to participate in tournaments.

Earlier, stc had achieved the “Platinum Operator Award” for the best- performing service provider of electronic games in the Kingdom during the first half of 2021, according to the indicators of the “Game Mode” report issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission, where stc won the award after managing to achieve the highest points’ rate gauging a set of criteria, most notably: hosting electronic games locally and reducing access time to the most prominent electronic games.

Source: stc Press Release