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Tech Mahindra and TM Forum to upskill next-gen workforce to drive innovation for CSPs

Tech Mahindra (NSE: TECHM), a leading global provider of technology consulting and digital solutions to enterprises across industries, announced a strategic partnership with TM Forum, the worldwide consortium of over 800 entities driving digital innovation. The partnership will cultivate a powerhouse workforce that drives global operational excellence and digital transformation for Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

As CSPs develop new operating models, they must continuously enhance workforce skills to align their talent with technological advancements, enabling simplification, modernization, and monetization at scale and speed. The partnership will meet this critical need by leveraging TM Forum's expertise in setting industry benchmarks and Tech Mahindra's deep domain expertise as the world's largest CSP IT services provider, fostering the adoption of the digital skills essential for CSPs to drive innovation based on industry standards.

Abhishek Shankar, President - Communications Business, Americas, Tech Mahindra, said, “As our customers undergo transformative changes to boost revenues, minimize costs, and enhance customer experiences, the significance of an empowered workforce cannot be overstated. Our alliance with TM Forum will help foster a well-equipped workforce that can lead innovations rooted in industry standards, enabling CSPs to scale at speed their digital transformation and emerge as pivotal orchestrators in digital ecosystems.”

As part of the partnership, Tech Mahindra will create the largest TM Forum-certified talent pool within the CSP IT Service Provider ecosystem. Additionally, using its innovation labs, Tech Mahindra will work with TM Forum to enable the adoption of industry standards in real-life scenarios, nurturing an ecosystem of innovation and tailored solutions to meet specific challenges that CSPs face today and in the future.

George Glass, CTO of TM Forum, said, “To reignite growth, investment by CSPs must go beyond technology and focus on building a workforce trained on industry best practice and standards, and equipped with the skills needed to reimagine the role of telco in the digital era. The partnership with Tech Mahindra is a clear demonstration of the value this approach will bring, creating a talent-pool that's ready to lead CSP transformations with innovation and excellence.”

The partnership highlights the critical importance of expertise in industry standards such as Business Process Frameworks, Open Digital Architectures, Open Digital Frameworks, Open Application Programming Interface (API), and Standard Information Frameworks for leveraging technological and human ingenuity as CSPs transition to platform strategies. This includes adopting composable architectures, data and artificial Intelligence, automation, and cloud-native technologies to transform their operating models into an orchestrator of value within digital ecosystems. Furthermore, this partnership emphasizes Tech Mahindra's commitment to being a strategic partner for CSPs in their transformation journey.

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