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Huawei, TM Forum, and eight carriers jointly release New-Generation Intelligent Operations White Paper 2.0

At Digital Transformation World (DTW) 2024, Huawei, together with the event organizer TM Forum and eight carriers including Orange, HKT, and China Mobile, released the New-Generation Intelligent Operations White Paper 2.0. They also discussed the new technical features of intelligent operations transformation and shared their application practices.

Lucas Lu, President of Huawei ICT Assurance and Operations Services, explained that White Paper 2.0 explores how to use generative AI (GenAI) and other emerging technologies, value systems, and measurement metrics to promote operations transformation. The purpose is to enhance network quality, reduce revenue loss, and improve customer satisfaction, he said.

New Value: Service-oriented Value System Becomes Driving Force for Transformation

Kevin Ye, President of Huawei's Intelligent Operation Domain, emphasized that as transformation develops, new systems for value and metrics are required to measure achievements in transformation. In the New-Generation Intelligent Operations White Paper 2.0, Huawei proposes a new value system and measurement metrics for service-centric operations. The purpose is to support resource investment decision-making and measure achievements in transformation. The new value system, which starts from business results, measures achievements in transformation through not only effectiveness, but also revenue, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

New Technologies: GenAI, EDNS, and DTN Become Accelerators for Transformation

In White Paper 2.0, the digital twin network (DTN) is used to enhance accurate real-time awareness and simulation in complex scenarios. The Expected Demand Not Served (EDNS) algorithm framework is used to evaluate any impact on services and support decision-making for resource investment and network recovery priorities. GenAI empowers operations roles and scenarios, and develops role-based Copilots and scenario-based AI Agents.

New Applications: Service Loss Reduction and Innovative Applications Become Incubators for Transformation Scenarios

Huawei has developed new application scenarios by leveraging these emerging technologies. For consumers, Huawei, together with XL Axiata Indonesia, has developed services regarding service loss reduction and restoration by using EDNS.For business customers, Huawei, together with China Mobile, performs association analysis on network and service status through proactive monitoring and GenAI-based operations assistants. These new applications improve user satisfaction while reducing revenue loss.

The New-Generation Intelligent Operations White Paper 2.0 provides service-centric intelligent operation transformation methodology and valuable practices for deepening intelligent operations transformation.