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AT&T’s Dynamic Defense supports Omnicom in effective cyber threat mitigation

In the fast-paced world of digital business, staying head of cyber threats is a constant challenge for businesses big and small. The collaboration between AT&T and its business customers showcases how forward-thinking solutions can not only anticipate but also neutralize potential threats before they materialize. This is the story of how one such partnership at Omnicom, a leading marketing firm, put AT&T’s Dynamic Defense to the ultimate test.

Dynamic Defense: The Game Changer

Not long ago, Omnicom, with its proactive stance on cybersecurity, employed AT&T’s Dynamic Defense, a pioneering solution available with AT&T Dedicated Internet and embedded directly into our network. Rather than a story of a threat that was, this is a celebration of a potential crisis averted – showcasing the importance of readiness and the value of innovative cyber solutions.

AT&T Dynamic Defense is designed to function as a digital shield, adding an extra layer of protection for businesses. When the malicious actor targeted Omnicom, Dynamic Defense was there to stop it dead in its tracks. This was not just a win for Omnicom, it was proof of Dynamic Defense’s capability to protect businesses against emerging threats.

How It Works

So, what makes Dynamic Dense stand out? It is not just another security tool. It is an integrated solution that operates within the AT&T network, providing a robust barrier against potential threats. Its efficiency is remarkable, capable of blocking millions of threat events in a single day. For Omnicom, Dynamic Defense turned a potentially damaging situation into a testament to the strength of their defenses.

The Scale of Protection

To understand the impact of Dynamic Defense, consider the scale of AT&T’s network. We manage an astounding 680 petabytes of data on average day on AT&T’s global network – this is equivalent to roughly 2.5 million mobile phones with 256 GB of storage each. With this unprecedented visibility, AT&T is able to generate industry leading threat intelligence, not only to protect our infrastructure, but to protect our customers. The Dynamic Defense customer portal helps customers analyze and intercept malicious traffic, ensuring businesses are protected.

A Partnership for the Future

Omnicom’s experience with Dynamic Defense goes beyond mitigating a cyber threat. It was more about how seamlessly the solution integrated into their existing communications solution, enhancing their security without complicating their operations. This collaboration underscores our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Moving Forward Together

As Dynamic Defense rolls out nationwide, we are not just offering a product, we are providing peace of mind. Our journey with Omnicom is just the beginning. Whether it is helping a major sports franchise protect their operations, a hospital keep sensitive patient data secure, or a marketing firm safeguard its creative assets, Dynamic Defense is proving to be an indispensable ally in the fight against cyber threats.