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SES and SatProf’s GVF training program collaborate in first digital badging initiative for satcom education

SES, a leader in global content connectivity solutions, and SatProf, developer and administrator of GVF Training, a satcom industry-leading training program delivered in association with the Global Satellite Operators Association (GSOA), announced the introduction of the first digital badging initiative for satcom education. This collaboration aims to drive the future of learning in the industry, and it already offers three digital badges for courses focusing on SES’s O3b MEO constellation and services.

In contrast to traditional certificates, digital badges can be easily shared, displayed, and updated on various online platforms, such as social media or professional networking sites. SES rolled out its own digital badging program in 2023, enabling employees to show the progress they are making in their career using learning and development tools offered by the company. By adding this level of visibility to courses and certifications in the GVF Training program, both companies aim to extend this experience to SES’s customers and partners, fostering a culture of continuous learning for the wider industry.

“SES and SatProf have been collaborating for more than a decade and these courses mark a significant and exciting new milestone for us. Our industry is evolving rapidly and therefore learning and development opportunities should be adapted to the modern needs of our workforce,” said Ralph Brooker, President of SatProf, Inc. “As SES is the operator of the world’s only geosynchronous orbit and medium earth orbit (GEO-MEO) fleet of satellites, we are delighted to collaborate with SES and offer these specialized courses, now certified with digital badges. SES has been at the forefront of learning and development opportunities to meet the growing needs of its people, and we look forward to sharing these practices with our students.”

“At SES, our success is measured not only by the tangible impact on individual development but also by our collective ability to lead at the forefront of our industry, driving innovation and excellence. We cannot achieve this alone, we rely on strong collaboration with the industry ecosystem, and that includes strategic partnerships that enhance our own team, customers, and partners,” said Sarah Bell, Manager, Learning & Development at SES. “GVF Training courses and certifications are the established global standard for satellite communications. Therefore, we strongly believe this extended collaboration will help us achieve a culture of continuous learning while we strive to create experiences tailored for the modern learner.”