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Industry leaders gather at Huawei Tech Carnival & Partner Summit 2024 in Baku to discuss future of digitalization

Huawei successfully hosted its largest Middle East and Central Asia (ME&CA) Tech Carnival & Partner Summit in Baku, Azerbaijan, from May 13-15, 2024. Under the theme of "Accelerate Industrial Intelligence," the three-day event delved into the future of digitalization. It brought together more than 1,000 thought leaders, industry experts, and ecosystem partners to explore the development trends and best practices of intelligent networks in the new era.

As networks, cloud, and artificial intelligence converge, Huawei believes every industry is rife with opportunities for new growth. The Huawei Tech Carnival & Partner Summit spotlighted opportunities and challenges for businesses, industries, and ecosystems to embrace advanced technologies that can support their digitization journeys. The global ICT leader unveiled industry-leading ICT products and solutions, the latest innovations, and best practices in intelligent IP network, optical, data storage, AI, cloud, and digital power technologies.

Steven Yi, President of Huawei Middle East & Central Asia, commented, "Huawei aims to accelerate the intelligent digital transformation in the Middle East and Central Asia, leveraging advanced full-stack technology in connectivity, IT, and cloud services, together with deep industry expertise and robust partnerships, we are committed to establishing the region as a center of innovation and enduring success in this transformative era.”

A New Intelligent Foundation Creating New Opportunities
The flagship Huawei event featured a comprehensive range of topics, including network, storage, carrier business, education, finance, data protection in the AI era, and more. The event featured dedicated industry tracks like the Huawei Network Summit, Huawei Innovative Data Infrastructure (IDI) Forum, Global Optical Summit, Huawei Cloud TechWave Summit 2024, and Huawei Digital Power Innovative Forum.

At the Huawei Network Summit, Huawei unveiled its Xinghe Intelligent Network products and solutions, including campus networks, wide area networks (WANs), data center networks (DCNs), and network security. In addition, Huawei presented the "Imagine Wi-Fi 7 Pioneer" awards, released the global cloudified data center showcase and Xinghe Intelligent SASE experience program. Meanwhile, at the Innovative Data Infrastructure (IDI) Forum, the company highlighted its innovations in AI-ready infrastructure, high-performance storage solutions, and the Datacenter Virtualization Solution (DCS) Full-Stack Data Center.

At the Huawei Global Optical Summit, three key trends in the F5G industry were explored: "Fiber-in, Copper-Out," "fgOTN-in, SDH-out," and "Optical-Sensing-in, Hard-Work-Out." Additionally, the summit showcased the latest FTTO 2.0 solutions, E6600 series fgOTN equipment, and the third-generation DCI device, DC908 Pro, building a foundation for industry intelligence. Meanwhile, the Huawei Cloud TechWave Summit focused on accelerating intelligence with 'Everything-as-a-Service.' The summit also highlighted Huawei Cloud's systematic innovation, vast industry-specific expertise, and thriving digital ecosystem to accelerate governments' and enterprises' leap to intelligence and boost success.

In the digital power domain, the Huawei Digital Power Innovative Forum covered the introduction of Huawei Digital Power's Business Strategy, including Huawei Liquid-cooled EV Charging Solutions, data center & Critical Power Solutions, and presented intelligent Smart PV & ESS solutions, including the All-Scenario Intelligent Solar Storage Solution, which delivers superior levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and levelized cost of storage (LCOS), enhanced grid connection capabilities and proactive security. Valuable Partner firm Photomate also shared its business scope and successful partnership with Huawei.

David Shi, Vice President of Huawei ICT Marketing & Solution Sales, spoke on Huawei's commitment to continuously accelerate digital and intelligent transformation in this region, driving economic growth to new heights through its crucial role as an "accelerator" for the intelligent economy by developing scenario-based industry solutions, and building the "highway" of the intelligent economy through leading ICT infrastructure, together with its enriched partner and ecosystem.

The Huawei Partner Summit united industry leaders, strategic partners, and influential decision-makers to navigate the evolving business landscape. The summit highlighted the importance of open collaboration and provided an essential platform for targeted communication, collaborative projects, and strategic networking among key stakeholders.

The Huawei Tech Carnival & Partner Summit 2024 aimed to empower ME&CA public and private organizations by showcasing its technological prowess and fostering a collaborative ecosystem. The event provided a platform for industry leaders to embrace advanced technologies and accelerate their digital journeys, shaping the region's more intelligent and prosperous future.

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