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SES Shareholders vote at Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting

SES held its Annual General Meeting and an Extraordinary General Meeting today in Betzdorf, Luxembourg.

The shareholders voted all resolutions in line with the recommendations from the board of directors, notably the company's 2023 annual accounts and the proposed dividend of EUR 0.50 per A-share, which will be paid to shareholders on 18 April 2024. The shareholders also approved the re-introduction of an authorised capital for a period of five years.

Shareholders re-elected Dr Jennifer Byrne, Mrs Katrin Wehr-Seiter and Mr Carlo Fassbinder as directors for another three-year mandate.

Following the shareholders’ meeting, the Board of Directors elected Mr Frank Esser as Chairperson for a period of one year and both Mrs Anne-Catherine Ries and Mr Peter van Bommel as Vice-Chairperson also for a period of one year.

The complete composition of the Board and short biographies on each of the Directors are available at:

The 2023 Annual Report is available for download at: