Press Release

Press Release

Intigral becomes member of SAMENA Telecommunications Council

August 26, 2017 - Dubai - SAMENA Council has announced that Intigral, the region's premier digital entertainment and customer engagement solutions provider, has become the latest member to join the membership, which includes telecom operators, technology providers, digital service providers, and specialist firms.

Intigral is an end-to-end solution provider, focused on delivering digital media content services to regional telecommunication operators, and is playing an active role in easing operators' transition into the digital media space and aiming the enhancement of digital experience of consumers irrespective of their access channels. Being the largest digital company in MENA, sourcing, creating and delivering digital content, Intigral has enabled various telecom operators, including STC, which currently chairs the Board of Directors of SAMENA Council, to launch advanced IPTV and VoD services in addition to their strong OTT capabilities which have produced the award winning app Dawri Plus. Intigral's products are built on a cloud-based delivery platform using the latest technology to provide high-quality streaming services, APIs for simple integration, payment modules, social integration, and high value tracking and analytics.

Mr. Bocar BA, CEO of SAMENA Council, stated that "Given SAMENA Council's focus on digital services, data regulation, among other key industry priority areas that SAMENA Council most recently highlighted during GSR-17 at the CRO Meeting that the Council chairs, Intigral's entry into the membership sends a strong message that industry players, especially those developing and providing digital content, including sports related content in demand in regional markets, need to work together and devise alternative solutions when confronted with challenges. SAMENA Council is very cognizant of regional sensitivities linked to diplomatic and policy matters, and we will keep our sector-development partners' role at the forefront when representing the Council's members and engaging with regional regulatory authorities."

Mr. Hamoud Rumayan, CEO of Intigral, said " We at Intigral are very proud to have joined SAMENA Council, as it will help us in implementing our new strategy of growth, which will be highly dependent on being in close contact with all stakeholders in the industry, regionally. Our membership will allow us to display our unique capabilities in the digital space to the right organizations and will act as a facilitator of success."

Intigral is well placed to benefit from SAMENA Council’s pan-regional reach and stakeholder engagement profile, focused on enabling fruitful dialogue and resolution to sensitive industry matters, and to leverage the breadth of opportunities to network with decision-makers representing both operators and regulators.


About Intigral
Intigral is a leading provider of IP video products and billing services in the MENA region. By delivering fully customizable digital entertainment and sports solutions, we drive broadband, open new revenue opportunities, and create rich consumer engagement channels.

Our products are built on a cloud-based delivery platform using the latest technology to provide high-quality streaming services, APIs for simple integration, payment modules, social integration, and high value tracking and analytics. We offers the full suite of services including consultancy and business planning, technical development and integration, content acquisition, video operations and delivery, marketing, and ongoing after-sales support.

Intigral was formed in 2009, and has a workforce of over 250 people working across offices in Riyadh and Dubai.

About SAMENA Telecommunications Council
SAMENA Telecommunications Council is South Asia - Middle East - North Africa (SAMENA) region’s premier industry association of telecom operators and service providers. SAMENA Council voices network operators’ issues and needs to regulators, policymakers, and international institutions. The largest regional telecom groups, including Saudi Telecom, Etisalat, Batelco, Ooredoo, Viva Kuwait, Orange Jordan, Turk Telekom, Zain, Omantel, among other leading operators and technology companies, are a part of the Council’s membership. SAMENA Council is a sector development partner to the private and the public sectors, and believes in bringing all stakeholders closer together to help create a sustainable business environment for the industry, and to accelerate digital development in regional economies.

As an international non-profit organization, SAMENA Council is contributing to the understanding of cross-stakeholder priorities within the Public and the Private sectors. The Council has created a unique regional position as the regulatory reach and operator advocacy organization, with institution-level engagements with leading private and public-sector organizations.

SAMENA Council was founded in 2006. In February 2016, Saudi Telecom Company, represented by Dr. Khaled Biyari, became the chairman of the Board of Directors of SAMENA Council.

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