Press Release

Press Release

SAMENA Council Supports 5G Evolution to “Bring 5.5G into Reality”

SAMENA Council has announced its support to the 14th Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) to be held from October 10 to 11 at the JAFZA One Convention Center in Dubai. To be held under the theme “Bring 5.5G into Reality”, MBBF 2023 will bring new insights on 5G business models, evolution of mobile technologies, improved user experience, green ICT development, among others.

Following 5G investments in the region, the path to 5G and 5.5G growth appears to be relatively clear. Treading it, however, requires critical and timely decisions on all parallel fronts, ranging from technology, resources, use-cases, investments, policy and regulation, carbon control, and both social and business value-creation.

In efforts to exploit true potential of 5G and achieving cross-sector 5G business successes, and building adjacent vertical ecosystems to reconnect, rebuild, and reimagine a fully-connected, intelligent world powered by 5G/5.5G, SAMENA Council's support to MBBF 2023 underpins the need to work together in new ways across the Middle East as well as other regions. It also reflects on the Council's focus on advocating maximization of the potential of 5G investments, including through meaningful use-cases and applications that can advance the mobile future, and accelerating technology evolution from 5G to 5.5G and beyond.

CEO of SAMENA Council, Bocar BA, has stated that "MBBF 2023 is being organized by a key member of SAMENA Council, Huawei Technologies. As an industry representative body for the region’s ICT private sector and as a sector-development partner to regional governments, policymakers and regulators, SAMENA Council views MBBF 2023 to be an important step in showcasing 5G evolution and fostering cooperation building, including on green technologies."

MBBF 2023 will bring firsthand insights and exchanges on groundbreaking technologies, emerging ecosystems, game-changing products, and more within the 5G and 5.5G (or 5G Advanced) ecosystem.

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