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Press Release

The SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit 2022 to physically congregate multi-industry leaders in Dubai on May 9th, with Huawei as host

Dubai – March 16, 2022: SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that its awaited annual congregation of Telecoms multi-industry leaders, the Leaders' Summit, will be held in Dubai on May 9th, 2022 under the chairmanship of Saudi Arabia’s stc Group and with patronage of the UAE’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority. The Leaders’ Summit is an annual leadership event, which encompasses private and government sector leaders' knowledge exchange and progress driven goal-setting discourse among stakeholders from across the ICT/Telecoms as well as other industries and sectors. To be held under the theme Thriving in the New Opportunity Realm with Resilience", the SAMENA Council Leaders' Summit 2022 will be held fully physically at Atlantis – The Palm. This annual international leadership summit will be hosted in legacy partnership with Huawei for the nineth consecutive year.

Officially announcing the Leaders' Summit 2022 and inviting industry stakeholders to mark their calendar for the important day, Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member, stated: "Leaders’ Summit 2022’s timing has been linked with and is crucial to the Industry’s evolving need for planning new investments in 5G, cloud infrastructure, and in discovering resilience in the new opportunity landscape. Moreover, the Summit aims to signal normalcy in business, and to help open doors for leadership discourse on critical industry, policy, business, and societal matters as digital transformation paces on. After a hiatus of two years, the physical edition of Leaders’ Summit is once again ready to welcome renowned global and regional leaders to a platform known for its outstanding multistakeholder engagement, leadership, collaboration, innovation display, and knowledge-exchange in a world-class setting, powered by the Industry’s greatest enablers.”

“Our objectives in this back-to-business, physical edition of Leaders’ Summit is to help demonstrate leadership and commitment of stakeholders to accelerate post-pandemic recovery; showcase participation and relevance of new industries and stakeholders in the 5G and post 5G eras; experience newest innovations in digital 5G-era technologies, network infrastructure, collaboration models, integrated digital service delivery; and to unearth new possibilities for Telecom Operators as well as vertical segments in materializing new business successes”, BA added.

Huawei’s President of the Middle East & Africa Region and Member of the Supervisory Board, Steven Yi, stated: “The global digital economy is developing rapidly, and over 50% of the global GDP will be digitalized in 2022. Huawei is dedicated to come together with industry partners to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices to continuously create value for telecom carriers and to help enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.

The ICT sector and in particular 5G,  cloud, and digital power will play a vital role in tackling sustainability needs of the Telecom industry and its contributions to other industries. It is essential to keep building onto past successes in terms of dialogue, timely decision-making, and innovation, so that momentum in the region 5G development can be maintained. Huawei is committed to innovation, and we highly value the need to work together to address the issues that our Industry and our world face, and drive our collected work towards meetings the region digital future requirements. Leaders’ Summit 2022 is a platform, which supports stakeholders’ commitment to understanding and adjusting to new realities and to setting new goals in digital development”, Yi added.

Leaders' Summit 2022 will welcome Chairmen and CEOs from the private sector, and top decision-makers from regulatory authorities and global bodies and institutions, spanning multiple geographies. It will also include participation of global leaders and entities focused on institutionalizing and fostering cross-sector digitization and collaboration, making the Leaders' Summit the year 2022’s premier virtual destination for leadership, dialogue, demonstration, and for refining future policy and regulation.

The past four and in particular the last two virtual editions of Leaders’ Summit delved into the fast-unfolding reality of digitalization in the era of 5G, with Connectivity, Digital Infrastructure, Cloudification, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Centers, Optical Networks, IPv6/IPv6+, Investment Incentivization, and Policy as well as Regulation taking on whole new dimensions. The four-year focus on “5G” from multiple angles is now at a stage at which “Integration” is merited – for technologies, private and public clouds, data processing systems, communications infrastructure, sustainability-led approaches and priorities, as well as discussions and strategies to move forward. Leaders’ Summit 2022 will build the case for taking 5G discussion beyond connectivity to real-life innovations and impact for the business and the society.

Participation in the Leaders’ Summit is by-invitation-only. Industry stakeholders, including ICT and non-ICT segments, may contact SAMENA Council at LS2022@samenacouncil.orgto learn more.

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