Press Release

Press Release

Simmons & Simmons joins SAMENA Council to bring international legal and regulatory expertise to the ICT

SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that Simmons & Simmons, an international legal practice with a core focus in the telecommunications, media and technology sectors and a footprint across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, has joined its membership of multi-stakeholder community of private-sector entities. Simmons & Simmons advises 10 of the top 15 Operators and has extensive expertise across the legal and regulatory aspects of both networks and services.

Expressing his warm welcome to Simmons & Simmons on having joined SAMENA Council's community of Telecom Operators from and operating within the SA-ME-NA (South Asia - Middle East - North Africa) region, Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member stated, "Simmons & Simmons legal and specialist experience in working with Telecom Operators and Satellite Operators as well as internet and TMT players, is an excellent addition to the resourcefulness that the Council embodies. We look forward to collaborating with Simmons & Simmons in advocating on various relevant policy and regulatory issues of critical importance as the region drives forward in digital transformation."

As business sustainability challenges and advanced technologies take center stage in Telecom Operators' strategy and their evolving role within the world's digital economy, SAMENA Council and Simmons & Simmons recognize the importance of the SA-ME-NA region as a high-potential market for business growth, and where Simmons & Simmons' expertise adds value to the industry.

Raza Rizvi, Head of TMT in Simmons & Simmons Middle East commented: "We are delighted to join SAMENA Council, which creates an excellent community of industry leaders from across the region. Our participation enables us to communicate and exchange information with key stakeholders in the SA-ME-NA region more effectively and in a collaborative manner. The international perspective we bring to advising clients on the application and evolution of laws and regulations concerning telecoms networks, services and emerging tech is complementary to SAMENA Council’s vision. We’re particularly excited by the role that Operators and the wider sector bring to the acceleration of digital transformation across emerging markets.”

SAMENA Council believes policies and co-operative approaches can help develop new methods and models of engagement, help frame future-friendly regulations and policies, and cross-stakeholder involvement should be fostered to incentivize and influence more investment in digital development. The digital ecosystem's sustainability challenges and the need for making better use of digital technologies, therefore, demand that Telecom Operators and specialist firms that work closely with Operators across the regions, deliberate more effectively on common issues and needs, while benefitting from SAMENA Council's advocacy support in building communication bridges with regional governments.