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Press Release

SAMENA Council to Hold Leaders’ Summit 2021 on April 8th with Huawei as Host

SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that it will hold one of the world's premier ICT Industry leadership congregations, the Leaders' Summit, on April 8th, 2021. The SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit is an annual leadership event, which encompasses private and government sector leaders' participation, knowledge exchange, and progress driven goal-setting discourse among the Industry's stakeholders. To be held under the theme “Championing Digital Economic Growth from Policy to Reality", Leaders' Summit 2021 will serve as a platform for leaders, as new horizons of growth and progress are explored for enterprises, nations, and citizens alike. This annual international leadership summit will be hosted in partnership with Huawei for the eighth consecutive year.

Leaders' Summit 2021 will welcome Chairmen and CEOs from the private sector, and top decision-makers from various regulatory authorities, spanning multiple geographies. It will also include participation of global leaders and entities focused on institutionalizing and fostering cross-sector collaboration, making the Leaders' Summit 2021 the year's premier virtual destination for leadership, dialogue, demonstration, and for defining future policy actions, as the world embraces new norms in socialization and business conduct. To this effect, the Summit may help support new socio-economic growth through dialogue on policy adaptation and prompt business-enabling regulatory measures that reduce gaps between investment and business profits.

Officially announcing the Leaders' Summit 2021, Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member, stated: "The year 2020 has taught us many lessons and has tested our resolve and readiness to embrace accelerated change. As a result of the past year's experiences that pushed us toward digital transformation, we now need to propel digital-led economic growth to put life back on track. This necessitates that we all work together to champion the development of a sustainable Digital Economy. A key step in this regard is to start by identifying growth opportunities for enterprises and citizens alike in line with actual policy and technology requirements. SAMENA Council's collaboration with Huawei in this regard builds on our shared legacy of addressing the Industry's needs with a far-reaching objective of assisting in the development of sustainable digital economies by effectively utilizing the power of Connectivity, Digital Services, Cloud Communications, and Artificial Intelligence."

Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East, added: “The post-pandemic world will need an innovative approach towards economic recovery and improving quality of life; making businesses smarter and creating a more inclusive world in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive. The ICT sector thus serves a vital role in building a more resilient, sustainable future. Nevertheless, that opportunity hinges on our commitment to open cooperation and innovation. Now more than ever, we must all work together to forge new partnerships, and to bridge the digital divide by fostering inclusion on a national, regional, and global scale.”

While the Covid-19 pandemic has created a world rife with new complexities, a prevalent industry view reflects on multiple opportunities it offers for making social and business progress, thus accelerating efforts toward the fulfillment of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Following the events of 2020 and in the wake of accelerated 5G developments, there is a particular need to catalyze and sustain momentum around economic development opportunities, both in established and nascent market segments, from multiple sectors and verticals. Moreover, there is a need to leverage the role of broadband networks and advanced mobile technologies to foster sustainable growth of the newly emerging social and business value ecosystems. The Leaders' Summit 2021 is being held at a time when the intrinsic value of 5G and other allied digital technologies are being assessed against the social and business values they create, and as the private sector seeks new opportunities and incentives to invest, sustainably.


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