Press Release

Press Release

Paltel Group Joins Leading Operators to Promote its Digital Readiness as a SAMENA Council Member

SAMENA Telecommunications council has announced that Paltel Group has joined as its operator member. As the largest private-sector company in Palestine, Paltel Group is embracing the future with a new, innovative spirit, centered on providing greater quality and variety of integrated telecoms services to its subscriber base and on realizing greater operational efficiencies as well as stakeholder value. The Palestinian Group has poured heavy investments into its digital infrastructure, including on data centers, and its leading market role will prove to be critical for driving Palestine's digital transformation.

Paltel Group owns four companies: Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel), the leading telecommunication company in Palestine, providing the latest technology and solutions for both residential and business segments. Paltel offers a range of services such as Internet and fixed line services, business Internet services, data communications and data center services.

Palestine Cellular Communications Company (Jawwal), the first mobile operator and 3G services provider in Palestine. Hadara Technology Investment Company, the largest internet service provider in Palestine. Reach for Communications Services Company, which is the first specialized communication center in Palestine.

With its established and industry-wide recognized aim of bridging telecoms ecosystem priorities, including on sustainable investment and highlighting digital transformation needs of the region, SAMENA Council actively advocates on behalf of its operator members and serves as a sector development partner to regional regulatory authorities. SAMENA Council, with active participation of its operator members, advocates for resolutions and highlights among government and private-sector stakeholders' issues that must be addressed to support further investment in broadband, accelerate digitization for socio-economic development, create new possibilities in stakeholder cooperation, and to realize better governance and industry performance.

New members, including both Telecom Operators and Technology Providers, join SAMENA Council for multiple reasons, including for its platforms that allow stakeholders and innovative players to generate new business opportunities as well as interact with regional public and private-sector leadership, while working toward addressing digital development matters through collaborated positions on industry issues, remedying which would positively impact the future of the digital communications industry.