Press Release

Press Release

NUMBASE Group becomes Member of SAMENA Telecommunications Council to Define New Trends in Mobile VAS

Dubai - December 12, 2017 - NUMBASE Group, a renowned name in the VAS sector and a company leading in mobile solutions and innovative offerings, has become the latest member of SAMENA Council, the South Asia - Middle East - North Africa region's non-profit international organization that works closely with the public and the private sectors to voice ICT industry issues and sustainability requirements within the digital ecosystem.

SAMENA Council has confirmed that NUMBASE Group is a strong partnership prospect for its member telecom operators. CEO of the Council, Mr. Bocar BA has stated that "Our industry requires partnerships and collaboration for meeting tough performance challenges. This has become ever more necessary as players within the digital ecosystem seek greater value-creation and anticipate meeting end-user expectations. NUMBASE's extensive experience in achieving sustainable results and understanding the innovation requirements of telecom operators comes as a great value-addition within SAMENA Council's membership. We warmly welcome NUMBASE's leadership and team to help define new VAS agenda among the Council's members."

NUMBASE Group's services range from design, development and implementation of high-end solutions that generate substantial revenues for mobile network operators while maintaining high customer satisfaction. With operations covering the globe from the Americas, to Europe, Africa and Asia, NUMBASE provides mobile network operators with innovative value added solutions and managed services including: Mobile Music, Mobile Gaming, Fintech services, Entertainment, and user communication solutions.

Sharing NUMBASE's views on joining SAMENA Council, Mr. Ayman Jomaa, Chairman & CEO said “It is our pleasure to Join SAMENA Council, where we strongly believe that the industry and its derivatives are in urgent need of platforms like SAMENA Council to do the proper advocacy Work and re-positioning of the whole ecosystem and process between operators, regulators, service providers and content providers.”

Bringing regulators, operators and vendors together, while working toward addressing digital development matters that will define the future of the industry, SAMENA Council constantly seeks partnerships and collaboration prospects for its telecom operator members. By joining SAMENA Council, companies magnify their corporate visibility and develop new business prospects.


About SAMENA Telecommunications Council
SAMENA Telecommunications Council is South Asia - Middle East - North Africa (SAMENA) region’s premier industry association of telecom operators and service providers. SAMENA Council voices network operators’ issues and needs to regulators, policymakers, and international institutions. The largest regional telecom groups, including Saudi Telecom, Etisalat, Batelco, Viva Kuwait, Orange Jordan, Turk Telekom, Zain, Omantel, among other leading operators and technology companies, are a part of the Council’s membership. SAMENA Council is a sector development partner to the private and the public sectors, and believes in bringing all stakeholders closer together to help create a sustainable business environment for the industry, and to accelerate digital development in regional economies.

As an international non-profit organization, SAMENA Council is contributing to the understanding of cross-stakeholder priorities within the public and the private sectors. The Council has created a unique regional position as the regulatory reach and operator advocacy organization, promoting institution-level engagements with leading private and public-sector organizations.

SAMENA Council was founded in 2006. In February 2016, Saudi Telecom Company, represented by Dr. Khaled Biyari, became the chairman of the Board of Directors of SAMENA Council.

About NUMBASE Group

Numbase Group holds 8 subsidiaries specialized in providing distinguished mobile Value Added Services and Content Solutions to millions of end-users through mobile network operators and digital platforms. We focus on innovation and the value proposition offered to end users by utilizing big data analysis and advanced profiling techniques that create a more personalized experience for every customer ensuring high satisfaction and QoS while adding direct value to the top-line revenues of mobile networks.

In a highly competitive environment, Numbase leads by utilizing cutting edge technologies and solid industry partnerships allowing the company to gain an extensive experience and remarkable achievements that we aim to share with potential markets. Our team consists of skilled personnel with vast knowledge and experience keeping our mission and vision a stronghold to our growth and success.

Numbase services range from the design, development and implementation of high end solutions, consultations and managed services including: VAS Solutions, Premium Numbers, ‘Connect’ Powered by Shazam, Mega Promotions, Loyalty Programs, Ring Back Tone Solutions, Microfinance Solutions, Content Aggregation, and Multimedia & Music Content. The Group is an investor in, and active partner for Shazam entertainment, and an exclusive affiliate of Ring Back Tone services. Numbase is also an investor in
Beyond Limits, the only AI Company that is known for transforming proven space and defence technologies from NASA into innovative technology solutions to address emerging industry markets.
Our operations extend to Europe, the Middle East & Africa, South East Asia and the Americas covering over 29 countries. Our representative offices are located in:

  • London, UK - Rep Office
  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • Riyadh, KSA
  • Kuwait city, Kuwait
  • Dubai, UAE
  • Baghdad, Iraq
  • Erbil, Iraq
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Kinshasa, DRC
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Athens, Greece