Press Release

Press Release

Airspan Networks becomes Member of SAMENA Telecommunications Council

Dubai - October 25, 2017 - SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that Airspan Networks, one of the world's leading LTE-A small cell wireless access and backhaul solutions provider to telecom operators as well as vertical markets, has joined its membership. Leading regional telecom operators, renowned global telecom technology providers, and specialist firms are members of SAMENA Council.

Airspan Networks is a leading telecoms technology provider to carriers and operates in over 100 countries around the world. Offering a diversified range of LTE and 4G base stations and complementary small cell backhaul solutions using both LTE Relay and proprietary technologies, Airspan is active in Telecommunications, Smart Grids, Public Safety, Transportation, as well as Oil & Gas sectors. The Company is actively developing solutions for the 5G era, combining small cells with gigabit backhaul and virtualization technologies.

SAMENA Council's CEO and member of the Board, Mr. Bocar BA stated, "With 4G already in use and 5G under the radar of every key decision-maker, whether in public or private domain, and as 5G harmonized developmental efforts catch pace in the region, more use cases for the fifth-generation of digital communication experience require to be defined. With Airspan's participation, such efforts have the potential to accelerate. SAMENA Council is already active on promoting common spectrum positions on behalf of telecom operators, including on frequency bands for coverage, capacity, and small-cell densification. We are excited that Airspan's expertise may add to SAMENA Council's advocacy work on behalf of the industry and could aid not only spectrum harmonization efforts, but also help emphasize technology development areas that require prompt attention of decision-makers in the SAMENA region. We warmly welcome Mr. Henrik Smith Petersen and his experienced team on board and hope that Airspan will use this association to its strategic advantage and to further 4G expansion and 5G developmental efforts across borders."

Mr. Henrik Smith Petersen, Airspan's Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, expressed that "Airspan Networks is delighted to form this association with SAMENA Council. Airspan is focused on developing highly efficient advanced capacity and backhaul solutions for telecom operators. With a proven track record of innovating towards small-cell densification, we are an ideal partner to operators with current 4G networks and with strategic interest and up-gradation plans for 5G. As SAMENA Council represents the needs of telecom operators and we help enhance telecom operators' ability to compete in tough business environs where returns continue to decline and where non-traditional competition is on the incline, this mutual relationship with SAMENA Council may help operators improve their network economics. We look forward to being active in SAMENA Council's activities."

Since its inception, SAMENA Telecommunications Council's membership platform has played an integral role in generating new approaches to deal with key industry challenges, bringing regulators, operators and vendors together, while working toward addressing digital development matters that will define the future of the industry.


About SAMENA Telecommunications Council
SAMENA Telecommunications Council is South Asia - Middle East - North Africa (SAMENA) region’s premier industry association of telecom operators and service providers. SAMENA Council voices network operators’ issues and needs to regulators, policymakers, and international institutions. The largest regional telecom groups, including Saudi Telecom, Etisalat, Batelco, Ooredoo, Viva Kuwait, Orange Jordan, Turk Telekom, Zain, Omantel, among other leading operators and technology companies, are a part of the Council’s membership. SAMENA Council is a sector development partner to the private and the public sectors, and believes in bringing all stakeholders closer together to help create a sustainable business environment for the industry, and to accelerate digital development in regional economies.

As an international non-profit organization, SAMENA Council is contributing to the understanding of cross-stakeholder priorities within the public and the private sectors. The Council has created a unique regional position as the regulatory reach and operator advocacy organization, promoting institution-level engagements with leading private and public-sector organizations.

SAMENA Council was founded in 2006. In February 2016, Saudi Telecom Company, represented by Dr. Khaled Biyari, became the chairman of the Board of Directors of SAMENA Council.

About Airspan Networks Inc.:
Airspan (OTC PINK : AIRO) is a leading LTE RAN solution provider, with over 1000 customers in over 100 countries. Airspan is regularly recognized as a leader and pioneer in LTE Access and innovative Backhaul solutions. Airspan has an expansive product portfolio, which includes indoor and outdoor small cells, and all-outdoor, compact Micro and Macro base stations, a variety of user devices and network optimization products. These connectivity solutions operate in bands from 400 MHz up to 6.4 GHz and 60-80GHz millimeter wave. Learn more at

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