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                 ndustry and private sector leaders gathered online on 22  June 2021 to discuss
                 collaborative  regulations  for  digital  transformation,  creating  a  more  friendly  win-win
              Ienabling environment in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recovery phase.
               Organized on the occasion of the Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-21), the meeting adopted
               an  outcome statement, which was presented to GSR-21, representing an industry perspective on
               development and regulatory issues.

                                                                In her  opening  remarks,  Ms.  Doreen  Bogdan
                                                                Martin,  the  BDT  Director, highlighted the
                                                                incredible opportunity the ICT sector had been
                                                                presented with during the COVID-19 crisis. She
                                                                emphasized the  important role the private
                                                                sector and industry play along with all other
                                                                stakeholders to connect the remaining half of the
                                                                world’s population.

                                                                Mr. Bocar Ba, CEO of SAMENA Telecommunications
                                                                Council and Chairman of the meeting, gave
                                                                an overview of IAGDI-CRO and its mandate in
                                                                accordance with  WTDC-17  Resolution  71.  He
                                                                encouraged ITU Sector Members and Member
                                                                States to support ITU-D’s work and promote the

               Multi-stakeholder collaborations

               Participants agreed that enhancing collaborations is crucial for the society to address the challenges of
               COVID-19 and connect the unconnected. The sanitary crisis has revealed that enabling frequent dialogues
               could lead to fast response to the pandemic, and the industry called for more conversations with regulators.
               Simply put “it takes a village” to pull through crisis, and to ensure that no party is working in vacuum.
               Mr. David Kirkpatrick, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Techonomy, highlighted the importance of mobilizing
               the private sector in stronger, durable, and innovative partnership approaches. Taking the example of
               the GIGA project, he believed that the private sector could bring endless creativity to connect people all
               around the world and there should be new ways of working together.
               Ms. Kui Kinyanjui, Head of Regulatory and Public Policy at Safaricom, used the example of the education
               sector to show how partnerships between the government and various former competitors of the private
               sector could be realized with a purpose. During the pandemic, efforts to make online learning accessible,
               both in terms of hardware and contents, had enabled transformative, easy access to quality education.
               Another example to take note of was described
               by  Ms.  Maria Alexandra Velez,  Senior Director
               of Government and Regulatory  Affairs at SBA
               Communications, where the  industry service in
               Brazil worked hand-in-hand in a partnership with the
               municipal authorities. Their myriads of expertise in
               connectivity and deployment of infrastructure were
               shared and expressed, to bring forward a creative
               regulatory environment  serving  the  benefit  of  all
               relevant sides and the general public.
                                                                                                     9    JUN-AUG 2021
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