Redefining FWA

    Since its establishment in December 2023, the ELITE FWA Club has been dedicated to fostering a dynamic dialogue platform within the FWA industry. Our goal is to collaboratively enhance the service experience of FWA and drive business growth. .

Create Dynamic Dialogue

Enhance Service Experience

Foster Business Development


Our Mission & Vision

ELITE FWA Club presents an invaluable opportunity for leaders in the ICT sector to delve into unique areas relating to the FWA business, innovation, customer experience management, and ecosystem maturity while advocating for commercial advancements in the FWA sector.

Purpose & Objectives

Ecosystem Development

Foster FWA related ecosystem development, including high-end/low end CPE, enterprise level CPE, smart home ecosystem, etc.


Practice Sharing

Learn the success gene of FWA business from global operators.



FWA Working Groups

FWA Working Group 1

Experience Management

  • How to ensure FWA experience and manage O&M to ensure sustainable development and evolution
  • How to balance FWA and eMBB resources
  • How to accelerate 4G-to-SG FWA migration
  • How to select indoor and outdoor CPEs during service provisioning
FWA Working Group 2

Business Development

  • FWA and FTTH competition/collaboration strategy
  • FWA package designing, FWA service binding, increasing ARPU
  • In the fixed network market with low ARPU (< $15), where CPE costs is sensitive, how to design the FWA business model to accelerate user adoption
  • What high-value enterprise scenarios does FWA support for rapid volume and revenue increase
FWA Working Group 3

Service Innovation

  • Incubate innovative services based on FWA, including but not limited to smart home, CCTV, loV, Redcap, naked-eye 3D, and private line+X, etc.


The 2nd LEAD Member Forum


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Knowledge Base


Jan-Mar, Volume 1, 2024


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The Case for Fixed Wireless Access

  • Huawei - Addressing Critical FWA Challenges and Accelerating 5G...
  • Omantel - Omantel's 5G Home Wireless Broadband Triumph...
  • GSA 4G-5G FWA Forum - Re-defining 5G Deployment Success...

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Industry Updates

Latest FWA news

5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) -- entering a new era of connectivity

Foundational for today’s positive customer experience is the planning and design of an effective underlying connectivity network. Reliable, high-performance connectivity ensures customers are getting their promised services and facilitating business agility and resiliency. Additionally, properly designed networks safeguard against unplanned downtime and help grow operations.

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Stc Kuwait Launches Pioneering 5G RedCap FWA In The Middle East

At the second forum of the ELITE FWA Club, held on the sidelines of MWC 2024, Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc announced the Middle East’s inaugural commercial deployment of 5G RedCap Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), marking a transformative advancement in high-speed, reliable internet access for both residential and commercial clientele. The forum attracted founding members alongside an array of global telecom leaders and ecosystem stakeholders.

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