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PCCW Solutions expands data center services in Asia through new collaboration with SCSK under D-Infinitum Global Data Center Alliance

PCCW Solutions, the IT services flagship of PCCW Limited, announces a new collaboration with SCSK Corporation (SCSK), a leading system integrator in Japan, to expand data center services in Asia. SCSK becomes the newest partner of D-Infinitum Global Data Center Alliance (“D-Infinitum”), a strategic alliance of leading data center service providers around the world initiated by PCCW Solutions.

The D-Infinitum alliance network now combines more than 130 data center facilities across over 80 cities globally. The coverage has doubled since its launch in June 2016, with extensive footprint in Asia, North America and Europe. In addition to the existing facilities in Hong Kong and mainland China, PCCW Solutions has expanded its world-class data center and infrastructure outsourcing services globally through D-Infinitum, assisting clients to build a scalable IT infrastructure to support their business expansion.

Mr. Ramez Younan, Managing Director of PCCW Solutions, said, “The strong momentum of D-Infinitum reflects the market demand for cost-effective multi-site co-location and value-added services with rapid deployment. PCCW Solutions, together with SCSK, is committed to providing robust, scalable and secure IT infrastructure globally to support enterprise digital business.”

Mr. Younan added, “The new collaboration with SCSK not only further extends our D-Infinitum footprint in Japan but also aligns with PCCW Solutions’ strategic direction to expand our IT services offering beyond our core markets to support our clients at the regional level.”

Mr. Atsushi Watanabe, Managing Executive Officer of SCSK Corporation, said, “The D-Infinitum presents a perfect gateway for enterprise customers to enjoy multi-location hosting under simpler contractual agreement with greater efficiency, transparency and flexibility. We look forward to supporting the D-Infinitum clients across the globe with premium data center services and extensive connectivity in our data centers in Japan.”

Source: PCCW Global Press Release