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Cesky bezdrat launches EriTV on CETIN's network

Czech operator Cesky bezdrat launched the IPTV service EriTV on the network of the infrastructure provider CETIN. Cesky bezdrat has been providing broadband connections at up to 250 Mbps on CETIN's infrastructure since June 2017 based on a wholesale contract, signed to extend the cooperation of both companies started in 2003. Now the cooperation is extended to IPTV. The EriTV service includes up to 150 TV channels and digital TV functions such as archive, replay and recording.

The extended cooperation will allow to Cesky bezdrat to offer its IPTV service to up to 4 million households. Cesky bezdrat will offer internet at 56 Mbps, 100 Mbps or 250 Mbps both in combination with the IPTV service or as a separate internet service.

The contract on provision of content of TV channels has been signed with the company 4Net.TV services.

CETIN offers dedicated links for IPTV also to other providers. The infrastructure operator currently cooperates with 15 providers on a wholesale basis.